Holy crap! A Justice League log that doesn't suck! Haven't seen that in years!

Holy crap! A Justice League log that doesn’t suck! Haven’t seen that in years!

Before someone asks (like that’ll happen) I did see the trailer for LEGO Batman, which appears to be an origin story for Robin…because putting Robin in the title has only happened four times in non-comics media: the second serial, the first Filmation show, the reformatted Fox show (before moving to Kids WB where they dropped it again), and the Joel Schumacker film with the same name as the serial. (I don’t think I need to link to that.) It looks okay but I’m kind of neutral on it. The direct to video LEGO Batman movie that started the DC LEGO Superhero movies works fine for me. Will the new movie be in the same continuity as a flashback or are they ignoring the DTV movies? I haven’t heard, but I like that parody better than what I saw in the trailer. We’ll see how good it is closer to release.

Meanwhile, let’s focus on the last DC trailer, and for the record I’ll go over Godzilla and King Kong next week. DC’s animated showings lately have been reduced to the weak Teen Titans Go, a pale imitation of the previous Titans cartoon. Ever since Young Justice and the “DC Nation” block crashed Marvel has been killing them over at Disney XD just by the fact that they exist. However, at San Diego Comic Con a trailer dropped for a new Justice League cartoon. There hasn’t been a cartoon focusing on the league (unless you count the online and, at least on my cable system, Kaboom On Demand DC Super Friends, which for some reason includes editing “The Joker’s Playhouse” into 5 minute shorts as well as a new story) since Justice League Unlimited and the aforementioned Young Justice. So how does this look compared to the live-action (and unrelated) namesake?


Well, they got the “Action” part right. I hear that this will be 15 minute tales combined into a half-hour. This is inline with most of Cartoon Network’s shows, which kind of sucks really. Just make a full-length episode; what’s wrong with that? And you can hear Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill as Batman and the Joker (guess Mark decided to come out of Joker retirement). They’re also bringing in the original version of Firestorm, the Ronnie Raymond/Martin Stein fusion instead of the current Ronnie Raymond/Jason Rusch version. I’d say that doesn’t seem right but the Firestorm comic is over and modern DC comics aren’t kid-friendly anymore because somebody decided that proving comics aren’t just for kids was to make comics NOT for kids, as if the critics will know the difference. It’s the version I first saw on Super Friends/Super Powers Team so I’m personally okay with it but it doesn’t feel like the right choice. I mean, Wonder Woman still has her sword and shield. Which still bugs me.

Other DC heroes also seem to be there like Vixen, Swamp Thing, and Zatanna, along with our old friend Plastic Man (he’s been showing up quite a bit this month), and the colors seem brighter than we’ve seen in a superhero show from DC in some time. Even Supergirl wears darker colors on her show. Also, quite a few Batman villains (although Solomon Grundy actually started as one of Green Lantern Alan Scott’s foes if memory serves) are popping up so I hope we get more villain variety like we are the heroes.

So of the four trailers we’ve seen from DC I think this is quite easily my favorite.

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