Chris Powell found a strange amulet that allowed him to transform into the mysterious Darkhawk. Recently, Chris learned that his Darkhawk form is actually an android body his mind is transferred to while his real body takes the android’s place on a spaceship in the middle of hyperspace or something. Learning new powers in addition to his own, Chris’s personal life suffers so he can be the “edge against crime”.

Darkhawk #33

Any joke I try to make here will be met with complaints it wasn’t a hentai joke.

Darkhawk #33

Marvel (November, 1993)

“Burial At Sea!”
WRITER: Danny Fingeroth
INKER: Ian Akin
COLORIST: Troy Sayers
LETTERER: Bill Oakley
EDITOR: Nel Yomtov

Darkhawk must deal with a new foe named Cuda, who has claimed a portion of the New York Harbor his personal domain, destroying ships and killing people to “defend” his “home”. While Darkhawk takes a beating in the fight, Chris finally gets a break and finds a job so he can move out of his friend’s home and into his own pad. Meanwhile, Allegra keeps seeking his help with her mad brother Broderick, not realizing the insane sibling continues to murder his late father’s enemies and corrupt Jason. Meanwhile, Grace gets a new clue that will bring her closer to finding the murderer, not knowing it’s Broderick or that he’s trying to turn her son into a killer like him.

What they got right: Well, I’ve been asking for Darkhawk to get more of his own villains instead of recycling Spider-Man’s, and now Cuda brings the list of his personal villains to…two as far as I know at this stage. (Unless Bokk shows up again in an issue I’m missing before this one; I know he becomes a problem again in later issues that I have.) A villain who is stronger in water may make for an interesting challenge if he’s of any use on land as well.

What they got wrong: Of course if he’s only a decent fighter underwater it may be hard to reuse him in new encounters. The subplot of the continuing issues between the Powells and Bazins feels like it should be its own story. I hope I have the issue where this becomes a main plot or this is nothing more than a distraction. Chris has enough issues right now if this subplot leads nowhere.

Recommendation: This was a good story and I’m looking forward to the conclusion. Hopefully it pays off.

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