The stop-motion animated King Kong, battling a...

The stop-motion animated King Kong, battling an airplane on top of the Empire State Building (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, we both know that trailers are not the full movie. And yet when done right it gives us an idea as to whether or not we should see it. So here’s one last trailer before I talk about something else for a change. (Three trailers last week and two this week. I really need to get Chapter By Chapter moved to Sundays or something, but time is evil.) And that trailer is the prequel to King Kong called Kong: Skull Island.

Thanks to Marvel Studios shared universes are rather popular. Movies can have numerous sequels but having a group of movies share a universe is relatively new, although TV has done it before. Look up how many shows crossed over with St. Elsewhere–and remember the show ends up as a fantasy of an autistic kid who has the hospital in a snowglobe. That’s one imaginative kid because I’m pretty sure Civil War didn’t crossover to that many comics.

So Warner Brothers wants to start a shared kaiju universe, but unlike DC is happy to introduce them to us organically. I think. I hear a lot of monsters are rumored for the next US Godzilla movie, although they really should give Rodan and Mothra their own movies first, and save Ghidorah as long as you can because even Space Godzilla isn’t going to survive being a letdown. And of course they want to recreate the classic King Kong Versus Godzilla movie. Skull Island is a prequel to the Kong story we all know. Does the trailer sell me on it?

No idea what Kong looks like, which I think is a good idea. Save it for the movie, I say. It should be a cool reveal. No, that’s not a modern take on Carl Denham played by John Goodman, although I’m sure he could totally pull it off. An expedition trying to kill Kong on the outset might be interesting. And you have Samuel L. Jackson, who is great in almost everything he does. This would also make the second shared universe, since he’s Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the series responsible for it all. And you decide for yourself if the native is racist or not. I stopped trying to decide because the race war is out of control and people are stupid.

One worry I do have, though, is that the history of King Kong movies past the original hasn’t had the greatest track record. There have been three adaptations of the original movie–one in which Jessica Lang thinks Mr. T. wouldn’t soil himself if a giant gorilla wanted to rape you, the super-long Peter Jackson movie in which there is a love triangle between the ape, the lady, and the writer, and (I’m totally serious here) an animated musical with Dudley Moore and Jodi Benson I really need to look up because that would be one doozy of a Video Review even someone else already found and reviewed it. (And if so, point me to it because I want to see it. If you’re the one planning to review it, invite me to a crossover. I need the exposure and this is certainly somewhere in my wheelhouse.) Then there are the original sequels where Kong fights a robotic Kong, one where he gets an artificial heart because that won’t end badly at all, and the first sequel where Kong’s son tries to swim through quicksand. Speaking of animated versions, there was an old cartoon about a kid and his father living on an island with Kong who have adventures. And a more recent series where a kid jumps into Kong’s head to fight monsters created by bad guys through the same process. It’s as dumb as it sounds.

Could this be good? Maybe. Will it excite people for a Godzilla/Kong rematch? Maybe, maybe not. We’ve got a year to find out. Happy speculating!

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  1. Sean says:

    I like this trailer. It peaks my curiosity to actually want to see this new Kong movie. I will read the 2 other articles tomorrow. Tired right now. Thanks for letting people know about this upcoming movie.


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