In the Dreamwave version of the original Transformers, the Autobots and Decepticons have had no communication with Cybertron. They were also knocked out for a bunch of years in the first miniseries, which is terrible and thankfully not a required except for Grimlock’s plotline which went nowhere under the new writer. Shockwave has united Cybertron, but something is going on. He sends Ultra Magnus to take both factions of Earth Transformers away. Starscream used the opportunity to shove Megatron into deep space (that become important in later stories). However, something is going on, and Perceptor may be on to what Shockwave’s real plan is. Meanwhile, Optimus manages to escape, as do the others who didn’t manage to escape Magnus on Earth, and when last we saw him was knocked out in the sewers with a Sharkticon standing over him.

Transformers Generation One vol 2 #4

“Can’t we just get a dogbot like everyone else?”

Transformers: Generation One Volume 2 #4

Dreamwave (July, 2003)

“War & Peace” is the name of the miniseries/trade collection

“Passive Aggressive”
WRITER: Brad Mick
INKER: Rob Armstrong
COLORISTS: Espen Grundetjerd, Alan Wang, & Gary Yeung

Last issue the Stunticons were set loose as Menasor and sent running around Cybertron. However, Ultra Magnus manages to defeat him with psychology. Meanwhile, Smokescreen meets with Broadside and the freed Earth Autobots as they plan to meet with the rebels. Optimus has met up with the same rebels, who have figured out Shockwave’s plans. He isn’t making the Cybertronians docile but hostile. To what end? The Autobots don’t have time to figure that out. The Dinobots are on Cybertron, but while Ultra Magnus and Blitzwing stop Grimlock, Shockwave has called out the Sentinels (if you remember the original show they were blue versions of Omega Supreme) to stop the other Dinobots. The fan stinks right now.

What they got right: According to various profiles over the years the Stunticons hate Motormaster as a leader, and Ultra Magnus actually plays on that to weaken Menasor. The old “rub signs” are used by Smokescreen to reveal he secretly is still an Autobot. These are good things. Gnaw was the toy name for the Sharkticon (Sharkticon was used like a group name but Gnaw was the only toy produced), and that’s remembered.

What they got wrong: But allying him with Autobots I don’t get. He’s still a dumb “animal” like in the cartoon but he’s supposed to be a Decepticon by toy designation and Quintesson by the show’s. Also, Pat Lee’s art continues to be overly dramatic and bulky. The coloring is awesome but it’s connected to not-awesome lineart and that’s too bad.

Recommendation: I was getting into this before my huge hiatus but I’m struggling to remember things to connect this to the full series, even though I wrote reviews for them. Start from the first issue and this could be better. Maybe I need to re-read them to connect.

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  1. Sean says:

    I definitely didn’t get beyond the old school Transformers of the 80s. I never knew that Sharkticons existed!


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