Tales Of The Jedi are no-longer-canon (if they ever were) stories set in the days long before even the prequels as the Sith continue to haunt the Jedi. Before my hiatus I looked at The Golden Age Of The Sith. This story takes place long before that and is the last Star Wars comic I currently have to review.

Star Wars TOTJ The Sith War

“You fools! I wanted this left in the package! The collector’s value is ruined!”

Star Wars: Tales Of The Jedi – The Golden Age Of The Sith #1

Dark Horse (August, 1995)

“Edge Of The Whirlwind”
WRITER: Kevin J. Anderson
PENCILER: Dario Carrasco, Jr.
INKER: Jordi Ensign
COLORIST: Rachelle Menashe
COVER ART: Hugo Fleming
LETTERER: Willie Schubert
EDITOR: Bob Cooper

Two Sith are taking different angles when it comes to destroying the Republic. Exor Kun is corrupting Padawans (Jedi in training) while Ulic Qel-Droma, pushed on by the witch Aleema who is also his lover, builds a conquering army. When Mandalor and his clans attempt to attack Ulic, he defeats them and brings them into his fold. After conquering a Republic shipyard, Ulic now believes he has all he needs to bring down the Republic, while Exor disagrees. Exor also kills Odan-Urr and takes the Sith Holocron, convincing his naive Jedi suckers that the scientist gave him the Holocron when he died of old age. The stage is set. Who will win?

Not that I care really. Here’s the problem I have. I don’t really know what’s going on. With Golden Age Of The Sith I had some clue. Here I have nothing to go on, except for Odan-Urr and Nomi Sunrider, and I’ve only heard of her from people discussing other Expanded Universe tales. Maybe it could use an issue #0, which Golden Age also had to catch new readers up, or maybe I needed the previous minseries or two, but I’m really clueless here. It doesn’t help that the 90s are going after the art in this comic, too. I can’t tell where Odan-Urr’s eyes are.

The result is I can’t really tell you that it’s a good or bad continuation of the story, only that this is the wrong comic to come in on for the Old Republic stories. Try starting with Golden Age or find some other series to start on. Maybe some fan site has an idea. I can’t give it a proper review but I’m not really drawn to find out either. To be honest I can’t get drawn into this time period, even when it was the only thing going. Good luck on your search though. Maybe you’ll find a better entry point that draws you into this era. I at least like the concept.

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