This isn't a Re-Covered subject because it does sell the story inside--but with eye-damaging artwork!

This isn’t a Re-Covered subject because it does sell the story inside–but with eye-damaging artwork!

Adventures Of The X-Men #6

Marvel Comics (September, 1996)

Back In The USSR finale: “Clear And Present Danger”
WRITER: Ralph Macchio
PENCILERS: Ben Herrera & Roberto Flores
INKERS: Gary Martin & Ralph Cabrera
LETTERER: Michael Higgins
EDITOR: Mark Powers

Apocalypse, the one responsible for Asteroid M’s crashing near a Russian nuclear base because he knew Magneto would retaliate, appears to have one. As the X-Men, Quicksilver, and Toad fight him Magneto and the Scarlet Witch go after the remaining missiles. They are successful, but Magneto keeps one to drop on one of Apocalypse’s own bases as payback.

What they got right: The last issue ended with a pretty good surprise twist and this issue builds on it well, as Magneto is forced to save lives for a change.

What they got wrong: The dialog style went out of style in the 70s. A lot of “tell, don’t show” and ways of talking nobody uses anymore, if ever. The art is also all over the place. Sometimes it’s the cute animeish style from last issue, sometimes it looks like the second art team is trying to recreate it and sometimes it looks like they said “the heck with it, let’s go 90s style”. It’s just a mess.

Recommendation: By itself the comic has issues. Taken with the previous issue I may hold on to this two-parter but it’s hard to recommend. While a good plot the execution is okay but a mess.

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