Darkhawk #34

“This time, the fish guts YOU!”

Darkhawk #34

Marvel (December, 1993)

“Here Fishy Fishy”
(wait, seriously…THAT’S the best title you could come up with?)
WRITER: Danny Fingeroth
INKER: Ian Akin
COLORIST: Troy Sayers
EDITOR: Nel Yomtov

Darkhawk manages to escape Cuda, who also gets away. At the library, Chris uses microfilm (it’s what people used to go over newspaper archives instead of a pile of old newspapers before newspapers archived their old stories on the internet) to learn the history of Stuart Sarris, who had developed a way to deal with water pollution but his bosses wanted it to use it to help polluters hide their operations…because THAT’S good business. (SPOILER: It really isn’t.)  When he went public his former employer poisoned him, turning him into Cuda and sentencing him to one portion of the New York Harbor that is the only place he can survive, which is why he was trying to chase everyone away. Darkhawk finds Cuda’s base and finally brings him in. Meanwhile, Mike Powell is actually in a coma, with his mysterious rescuer wanting to keep him alive, even though his employee feels otherwise. Back in New York, Grace and Allegra compare notes and realize Broderick has Jason, who is trying to corrupt the boy, but the last time we see Broderick he is standing over a dead body!

What they got right: For a comic universe Cuda’s backstory works. Again, it’s nice to see Darkhawk have his own villains (although Venom is returning next issue).

What they got wrong: The whole Broderick subplot could be its own story apart from Darkhawk, and with Venom teased next issue our hero might not be part of saving his brother. I like reading about these characters but I’m getting flashbacks to someone other than Firestorm finding his father.

Recommendation: Taken with the previous issue this was a good story and I hope they find a way to free Cuda to more areas that one spot in the Harbor, because Darkhawk needs his own villains instead of always fighting Spider-Man’s. Lodestone has nobody to hang out with.


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