Darkhawk #35

“Get to your own side of the skyline!”

Darkhawk #35

Marvel (January, 1994)

“Operation: Symbiote” part 1: “The Trap”
WRITER: Danny Fingeroth
INKER: Ian Akin
COLORIST: Troy Sayers
LETTERER: Bill Oakley
EDITOR: Nel Yomtov

Broderick attempts to trick Jason into killing Chris, but the boy saw Broderick kill a man in the park and tricked him instead. When Broderick threatens Jason and the arriving Grace and Allegra, Chris beats the living crap out of Broderick. Learning Allegra protected her brother all this time he cuts ties with her. Later at the hotel the Powells (minus Chris) they get a message from Mike, who collapses over the phone, his kidnappers hoping to get some information on somebody. This sends Darkhawk across country hoping to rescue his dad, but the baddies are also after Venom. When the hero and anti-hero meet there’s a fight that’s interrupted by the arrival of the Seekers.

I don’t know who the Seekers are, although I imagine next issue will bring us informed types up to speed. It’s a bunch of guys in armor pointing sonic cannons at Darkhawk and Venom. That’s cliffhanger enough.

What they got right: I was worried that Darkhawk wouldn’t take part in the finale of the Broderick subplot, but thankfully I was only partly right, as Chris gives Broderick the beatdown. This subplot ends well enough and transitions into resuming the search for Mike Powell and why he was kidnapped. Plus a Chris/Allegra romance would not be a good thing for Chris considering the family history.

What they got wrong: Since the story is solid I’ll just go into the art. Except that only a few panels are bad. Chris’s rage at Broderick is a bit over the top, but you do get his emotions at the moment and that works for me.

Recommendation: A rare occasion for the 90s, a good comic. Give this one a read.


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