MOTU Icons Of Evil Tri-Klops

“I’ll teach this dirt a lesson it won’t forget!”

Masters Of The Universe: Icons Of Evil – Tri-Klops

CrossGen/MV Creations (October, 2003)

PLOT: Robert Kirkman, Ian Richter, & Val Staples
ARTISTS: Diogenes Neves, Antony Bilal, Renato Arlem, Joseph Sto. Domingo, & Miguel Montenegro
COLORISTS: Bill Crabtree & Ron Riley
COVER ART: Cory Walker & Val Staples
EDITORS: Vicki Jaeger, Monica Lopez, Ian Richter, & Geoff Walker

Where did Tri-Klops get his famed visor? It started when a swordsman saved a technological and magical wizard from attack but was hit with a spell that would destroy his vision. The wizard befriended the swordsman and overtime they built a technological tower full of machines…machines that Keldor wanted. The future Skeletor attacked the tower with his army and tricked the swordsman into attacking his friend, making him believe that the wizard was trying to keep the spell in place rather than find a way to dissipate it and restore his sight…with the very technology Keldor stole from the wizard meant to end the spell and replace his lost eyesight. Now Tri-Klops unknowingly killed his best friend and serves his enemy.

What they got right: It’s actually a pretty good origin. It explains why Tri-Klops wears that visor that gives him different forms of sight, why he’s good with a sword, and why he served Keldor and now serves Skeletor. Also this would be an interesting story to revisit if Tri-Klops ever learned the truth.

What they got wrong: If Tri-Klops could already see, then why does he fight with a blindfold when we first meet him. Can he see through that thing to fight? Did he have a blind teacher? There’s some more history from just this one scene to cover.

Recommendation: One of the better origin stories thus far, showing how evil Keldor was even before his alteration to Skeletor. Pick this one up if you can.


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  1. Sean says:

    This does sound like an interesting origin story for Tri-Klops. How many of these origins comics of MOTU do you have? Between the Mer Man one and this issue, they seem awesome!


    • I honestly don’t remember. That’s one positive to going through these comics. Most of them I haven’t read since I got them, which is also why I take part in the Friday Night Fights.


      • Sean says:

        Well, you definitely have some gems with those! I see lots of great articles you wrote that I’m trying to catch up with. I think I’ll have to start in early August and work my way up. I do notice the cool reviews you wrote on classics Thundercats comics, but I should go in order from early August and work my way to the present. Today, I will finally have a good amount of time to do so.


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