Transformers Generation One v2 #6

Grimlock throws the best keggers.

Transformers: Generation One volume 2 #6


Dreamwave (September, 2003)

WRITER: Brad Mick
INKER: Rob Armstrong
COLORIST: Espen Grundetjern, Alan Wang, Rob Ruffolo, Ramil Sunga, & Pat Lee

Using the Matrix (I miswrote last review, the Matrix came with Optimus and Vector Sigma is the ancient artifact…hey, I had a long break from the story that was out of my control, mistakes will happen) to power Vector Sigma, Shockwave seeks the secrets of Cybertron, which he believes to be a mechanical life form itself. He has somewhat deduced the nature of the Transformers and how it was divided between Autobot (defender) and Decepticon (conqueror in his mind) wrongly. Now Shockwave plans to conquer Earth but the team of Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus (in his smaller toy form), and Grimlock send Shockwave into the abyss Palpatine style and save the planet. However, will the war now resume?

What they got right: I like that they used the small robot (originally intended to be Optimus Prime with a new trailer like his Diaclone counterpart) for Ultra Magnus, something nobody had done before and IDW did poorly in my opinion. (Nice nod, but here’s the actual form who isn’t using a different name.) There was some nice bit of world building and hits to mysteries that would have followed had the ongoing not been cut short. And yes, there is an ongoing and I believe we start that next week.

What they got wrong: Parts of this backstory might have been better served spread out through the Cybertron-set parts of the story. What we get here is a huge exposition dump that often requires the word balloons to cover the panel, especially one small panel that barely fits Optimus’ head and puts the balloons out of order. It’s a bad use of page space and story space. Plus there are a few panels that you can barely tell what’s going on; like Michael Bay levels of not being able to tell what’s going on. All while Rodimus goes on and on about how awesome Optimus Prime turned out to be and how the shooting of Ultra Magnus brought the Autobots back to action.

Recommendation: “War And Peace” (the subtitle for this miniseries, also used in the trade collection) is a good story with a few flaws. However it’s much better than the first miniseries and set up one of my favorite runs on the property. Give it a look.


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