Adventures In The DC Universe #2

Window washers new to Keystone can never figure out the footprints.

Adventures In The DC Universe #3

DC Comics (May, 1997)

The Flash:”Bombs Away”
Catwoman: “Catch As Cat Can”
WRITER: Steve Vance (also breakdowns on the Flash story)
PENCILER: John Delaney
INKER: Ron Boyd
LETTERER: Tim Harkins
EDITOR: KC Carlson

Winston McKinney continues to get Linda’s skin, so she and Wally aren’t happy about having to save him from the Bomb Squad, a group of terrorists who have already blown up two buildings in Keystone and are now targeting McKinney’s place. Wally and Linda realize that the group plans to hit the building from behind using the old theater. The Flash stops them and has enough circumstantial evidence to “talk” McKinney from buying the station Linda works at…so he buys the competition instead.

What they got right: A nice telling of Wally’s backstory for anyone new to this version. (Barry has been the Flash in both live-action series and Justice League was still a ways off.) There’s continuity with Gad having been found in a closet after last issue’s story and more about McKinney’s plans in Keystone City.

What they got wrong: I can’t think of anything. The story fit perfect for the length but still left room for a back-up, but the story didn’t feel rushed. (There’s an unintentional pun in there if you think about it.)

In that back-up, Catwoman goes to steal a cat’s eye diamond, but the police manage to chase her off, the diamond falling into the hands of the boy running the newsstand. The next day his friends are running it and the paper reports he “stopped” Catwoman’s theft, so we can assume he got a big reward.

What they got right: The story is told with no dialog, just visuals, sound effects, and the newspaper. The result is a good story. I like how Selina dismisses the newspaper boys while his friends get in the faces of some rich people, only for him to catch the dropped diamond, and later his friends are running the stand.

What they got wrong: But why are his friends running the stand? Yes, I know the kid probably got a huge reward and didn’t need to work there, at least for now, but why are these two there? Because Selina suddenly has an issue with a “menial” job and now the kids she praised are suddenly happy working the stand?

Recommendation: I like both these tales. They were well written and the Catwoman story was different in a good way. Give this issue a look.

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