Green Arrow #49 (DC You)

“I didn’t even like the original Ghostbusters.”

Green Arrow #49

DC Comics (April, 2016)

“Primal Instincts”
WRITER:  Benjamin Percy
ARTIST: Szymon Kudranski
COLORIST: Gabe Eltaeb
GROUP EDITOR: (no, I don’t know what group) Brian Cunningham
EDITOR: Harvey Richards

Somewhere in this storyline Green Arrow, was bitten a werewolf-like Warg, and there are those who believe themselves heroes by wanting to gun them all down. However, there is a cure and Oliver needs it, not just because he messed up a business dinner to hunt a bad guy down but because it could cost him his soul just as a war is about to bloody the streets of Star City.

What they got right: I always like the inclusion of a support network, and while that only includes his “sister” (a very long story I again only know via Comicstorian on YouTube) this issue I still like to see it. Like Batman Beyond last week I don’t really know what’s going on, but it sounds interesting.

What they got wrong: A quick synopsis of this arc would have been nice. I’m only guessing what a Warg is in DC continuity because it doesn’t match the mythological counterpart that came up in Zemanta’s link suggestions, or who these other guys are (besides the usual extremist conservative stereotype some liberal writers love to use as all conservatives), or why Ollie is infected and where Emi found a cure or a way to control the mutation. At least there’s a link saying to go to Green Arrow Annual #1, where the answers should hopefully be.

Recommendation: Fans of the show should already be taking a look at the comic that Arrow was based on, but otherwise, it is an interesting story.

These past few weeks we’ve looked at three new DC comics that my cousin got at random. She wasn’t sure of my tastes (or I’d have more Godzilla comics) but she did stick to DC so she was right about that in part. Hey, I was in the hospital and she did something nice for me; I’m not going to be an @#$hole about it, It’s the thought that counts and I am actually curious about the arcs that these issues were part of, except I know Batman’s was rather long since he was, thanks to Alfred, an amnesiac for a long time in the comics. I think she made some good choices considering how little she knew about my tastes. It does tell you the power of TV and movies on what comics and comic characters are on people’s minds. (Although she probably just saw “Batman” on the Batman Beyond comic.) So I was happy to get them either way and maybe I’ll look more into these (probably have to be a trade by then) if I ever have money coming in again.

The next two weeks will look at the two Free Comic Book Day offerings my friend Sean was able to get for me (because of the insane rules of the comic store he went to. or there would hopefully be a few more) and then I’ll see what happens after I have a linked colon again.

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  1. Sean says:

    Don’t worry….in May 2017, you will be able to go to your usual spot for Free Comics Day, and thus get the full amount of free comics you desire. The place I went to ended up being “comic dictators” which was surprising because when I would go in there to buy Thundercats backissues on their generous weekend sales events (ex: buy one back issue that’s under 10 bucks, get another one for free”…they basically helped me bring back my 80s Thundercats comics collection that I had foolishly sold away in 2002) or to buy the recent Voltron Rises again series, the owners seemed like cool, laid back people. They’re just very stingy when it comes to Free Comics Day. Just know that their weekend back issue sales are often quite generous. Very stingy on Free Comics Day though.


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