Adventures Of The X-Men #7

“It’s time for your massage.”

The Adventures Of The X-Men #7

Marvel Comics (October, 1996)

“Rites Of Passage”
WRITER: Ralph Macchio
INKER: Ralph Cabrera
LETTERER: Michael Higgins
EDITOR: Mark Powers

After pulling himself out of the Arctic (way back in X-Men Adventures season one) Sabertooth heads to the school to get revenge on Wolverine. But with Logan still on his way back from Russia after last issue, he only finds Professor X and Jubilee, who is starting to doubt herself as an X-Man. With the prof taken out of the action, it’s up to Jubilee to use her wits, the Danger Room, and exposed wires as well as her own mutant powers to bring the mad mutant down. With the compliments of her teammates she finally feels like a member of the team.

What they got right: I’ve noticed some X-fans take pre-vampire Jubilee as a joke since her powers aren’t “awesome” enough for them. Well, this comic shows how cool she can really be and how it’s more than her powers that make her a good hero. Even then she uses them to stop or at least slow down Sabertooth multiple times. Holding her own against this guy would be cool enough but she also takes him down, showing her naysayers should stop saying nay.

What they got wrong: But why is she drawn doing backflips and other athletic moves that at least the show this spun off of (Sabertooth’s battle with Wolverine was even from the show before this series spun off in its own direction) never showed her able to do that. She also has a classic-style X-uniform instead of her usual stuff. I don’t expect her to be wearing her jacket during a test but what happened to the rest of her usual outfit? At least she kept her shades.

Recommendation: This is a good Jubilee story, showing why she’s a member of the X-Men. I don’t usually get into the X-titles but Jubilation Lee is one character I really like and it’s nice to see her get a good spotlight. Give this one a look.

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