Superboy #8

And you thought “Kirk versus Picard” arguments got ugly.

Superboy #8 (Zero Hour tie-in)

DC Comics (September, 1994)

“Big Trouble In Smallville!”
WRITER: Karl Kesel
PENCILER: Tom Grummett
INKERS: Doug Hazlewood & Dan Davis
LETTERING: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
EDITOR: Frank Pittarese

Flying back home to Hawaii from Metropolis, the plane Dublex and Krypto (this version is Bibbo’s dog, not Kal-El’s) is hit by lightning. It’s saved by Superboy and…Superboy? Thanks to the events of Zero Hour, the teen version of Superman from pre-Crisis Earth arrives in the post-Crisis DCU and he’s having trouble understanding what’s going on. Lana is older and married to Pete. His secret entrance is gone until it’s there again. And there’s somebody else calling himself Superboy. When pre-Crisis Superboy realizes he’s somehow affecting reality he allows himself to be taken the way the Legionnaires were, right on the Kent farm. They come out but only one Superboy is left, the Superman clone, whom they invite to visit since he resembles you-know-who. Back home, Superboy and Dublex see a signal from Superman calling all the superheroes together, and the Boy Of Steel takes off to join the meeting.

What they got right: With all the time chaos going on, having Superboy meet the original concept was a good way to go. And in the end, although Clark flips out a bit, it’s understandable and once he calms down you can see the boy who would become Superman. (Which is better than other times Superboy crossed paths with his future self, in which he was written as a bit of a jerk.) Superboy-clone also shows that despite his ego and bravado that he can show concern for others, even the guy who slugged him one without provocation.

What they go wrong: As I was reading the story I thought Clark’s attitude would be one but that worked itself out in the end and under the circumstances you can forgive him. Otherwise I can’t complain about anything.

Recommendation: A pretty good story, showing the strengths of the tie-ins to the Zero Hour event. Worth checking out at least.


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