With a name like "Dirk Slade", I'm thinking dentist.

With a name like “Dirk Slade”, I’m thinking dentist.

I’ve been catching up with videos I missed during my time off and there was a re-posted episode of The Spoony Experiment where the hero in the movie being reviewed was named Jackson Blade or something like that. Spoony states that some names determine that the character HAS to be badass, and he has a point. In 80s action movies and comics the names the characters have just seem to match where they are in life and what side of the good/evil scale they’re on. Heck, “Dirk Slade” is a name I came up with for a bounty hunter who goes after superhumans back in the 90s. I just wondered how true that would actually be.

Well, one more week until what’s left of my colon is reconnected. I’m a little nervous but hopeful. So before I got taken out of the game again I decided to do some minor clean-up projects in this week’s Clutter Report.

I’m going to try to have some articles scheduled for the week of my surgery, which means extra work, but as I have to talk to medical people in preparation my time is limited, so hopefully I’ll have a week where stuff still gets posted just in case recovery is shorter this time. However, I do need to focus on this week so I know I have something. Ninjak volume 2 is coming to an end although I did snag a few post-comic cameos from other Acclaim Comics/Valiant Heroes titles so we’ll see them when I get back to work. The last of the Free Comic Book Day comics I was able to get, Rom, will be coming up so I can start Saturday’s fresh when I return. I will also be finishing the last of the Star Comics run on Thundercats that I have left to review…at least until I get more to complete my collection, so we’ll be starting the Wildstorm run when I get back. (By the way, I just heard Mattel is releasing classic Thundercats toys, so I’m guessing that’s why we’re getting a crossover. with Masters Of The Universe.)

Speaking of He-Man and friends, I may end up leaving you on a cliffhanger from that series during my time off, but I’m hoping to make it quick compared to a whole season off. It will be the same with Darkhawk, since next in the Marvel section of my longbox is a War Machine comic, while the final issue of Transformers Universe Featuring The Wreckers comes this week, 3H no longer running the official convention after that. (Who IS running Botcon now? From what I hear Fun Publications just lost the licence this year as well.) There may be one or two more but the sooner I’m back the sooner they’ll be resolved. I want to be at 100% or close to it, so please understand if I take time away again.

And that’s all. One more week of BW and possibly a review for The Clutter Reports before I learn my fate. Prepare for…more of the usual, really.


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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    It’s interesting how Mattel is releasing a classic line of Thundercats toys. So no LJN, huh? And if Mattel is still involved with MOTU, then yes, now it all makes perfect sense as to why DC is releasing the Thundercats/MOTU comic book next month. Well, hopefully this comic is more than just a 32 page advertisement for both toy lines! Guess I’ll find out in early October when I give the first issue a try. Really hoping for a compelling story and awesome artwork.


  2. Sean says:

    Also, good luck with the surgery next week.


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