First Charlie Brown, then Archie Andrews…now I don’t know what they’re trying to add to Spider-Man. Remember when Peter Parker was the everyman who always tried to do the right thing even if he wasn’t right? Well now he is a big wig with his own Stark Enterprises style business, and sending a former thief to sneak around, get killed, and then fall under the Jackal’s sway. And a long-time Spider-Foe gets bumped off for a gender-swapping to boot. Yes, Douglas Ernst continues to show that the whole “One More Day leads to better Spider-Man stories” may have been true once but that’s no longer the case.


Longtime readers know I’ve pushed for a Prowler movie. Instead he’s Peter’s “body double” as Spider-Man (instead of his own hero ID, tainted by old villain ways granted but still his own secret identity) who is now dead. (Same link so you don’t have to scroll up.) Oh, and by the way, they killed Electro off to make a female Electro at no extra charge. Peter willing to do corporate espionage to check on some surgery for his step-uncle or something, dead Prowler resurrected by the Jackal and made to believe Gwen Stacy’s obsessive stalker college teacher turned clone-crazed supervillan is the good guy, and a dead Electro to make a female version for some reason. Tell me again how we’re getting better stories post-Spider-Marriage.


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