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We’re in the final stretch now, kids. Thus far Optimus has done nothing because Prime Month hadn’t happened yet, the Quintessons are preparing to invade the universe, and resources meant to watch out for bad guys were used to find an idiot kid with amazing power, so that the bad guys could make their attack to bring down the Earth shield. It’s the final two issues of Transformers Energon that Simon Furman outlined before Dreamwave went kaput. Let’s see if this story would have had a cliffhanger anyway.

Wreckage (Transformers)

Wreckage, one of the Mini-Cons everyone stopped caring about despite being part of one of the strongest weapons ever. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Transformers Energon #35

“Armageddon” part four

And again, the series title leads to part one of the outline and the subtitle part two.

So now Megatron wants to take the shield down, not so Alpha Quintesson can finally get Kicker but to beat up Alpha Q. Yes, Megatron is finally over his funk and ready to take his revenge…at the worst possible time. Nice one, dummy. Meanwhile, Optimus is trying to warn the Autobots that Unicron has a new supply chain and is closer to operating status. And he wants to get off before the Quintessons’ explosive goes off. That’s rather important. Being blown up can ruin your whole day. He does get a signal out which means Jetfire makes a hard decision. Prime needs extraction and Omega Supreme is ready to protect Mars base, which means the Earth shield has to be lowered. Megatron wins, but so does his enemy. Look, maybe I’ll give you Omega Supreme (I forget, was he being built on Earth or Cybertron, because if the latter why take down Earth’s shield?) but I’m sure Prime would wait if Kicker, an “innocent”, was in danger. Jetfire and Megatron are now in Unicron. This could go poorly.

As that goes on, the Autobots finally find Kicker and all the outline says is that Demolishor is ready for him. With what? The outline doesn’t say. His toy does have a missile-launching hypermode, but he’s going up against Grimlock and Swoop, who can combine in this story, and Wing Saber, Cliffjumper, and Rodimus, who can combine but not with each other, and yet still have him outnumbered. Rad sneaks into the base and breaks Kicker out of his cell (and knowing Kicker he probably wasn’t all that grateful the little punk). What’s the Quintesson’s plan for Kicker? Here’s the segment from the outline.

Through it/him [meaning Kicker and the satellite Alpha Q wants to stuff him into–I’m sure Rad can tell him how horrible an experience that alone is], the cores of the two planets will be inextricably linked via complex energon ‘streams,’ bound for all eternity (and so they will control all levels of Cybertron’s infrastructure). Kicker’s unique physiology — replacing the original mechanical Conduit — will unite the two streams, becoming just a component in a sophisticated inter-link assembly. As a human being he will cease to exist! Then, the final coup de grace, the exquisite moment Alpha Quintesson has been dreaming of for many, many years — the utter destruction of Unicron! First, though, the Conduit!

That seems like a lot of work and very convoluted. Apparently “able to sense Energon” isn’t enough to make Kicker special. (It’s sure not his attitude.) Meanwhile, the gateway is open and the Quintesson invasion of Cybertron has begun. Here’s a question I’m not understanding. If Alpha Q hates Unicron for enslaving his version of his species in the multiverse and wants to finish him off, why would he then give Unicron Energon to awaken himself? While the Four Horsemen, two Autobots and two Decepticons brainwashed to serve him, are elsewhere, why not divert that power to the gateway? Because now Unicron is awake, and Megatron is less than excited about that.

Principal characters from Transformers: Energon.

Principal characters from Transformers: Energon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Transformers Energon #36

“Armageddon” finale

Only one link because this one is finally all on one page.

The Quintessons continue their attack, and the Omnicons access the Hub. There they find a recording from Over-Run, so at least he was smart enough to prepare for his own stupidity. (I kid; he knew about the invasion but not who the traitor was. I still don’t know why he contacted Avalon though, except that pushing the council to agree to going into action was apparently part of the plan. He’s been manipulating everyone from the start. We’ll probably never know why Avalon was working with the Quintessons.)

So what are the Omnicons? They are a link to the next step in the evolution of the Transformers race. My guess linking Energon to Cybertron. Think about it. While I would love to explore the “Unicron Trilogy” in-depth sometime after I get back to BW operations, it’s an easy connection. The Omnicons can manipulate Energon. In the show and the toys they can form “Energon stars” the Autobots (and Decepticons via the Terrorcon drones) use to boost their power. For Cybertron, the Transformers themselves can tap into a Cyber Planet Key to convert parts of their bodies into new weapons or other things, only this time they don’t need a Mini-Con (like Over-Run) to unlock these new gadgets. They do it themselves. First Mini-Cons, then Omnicons/Terrorcons, and finally the Autobots and Decepticons themselves. It makes sense really. You even see it partway happening with the “hypermodes” of the Decepticons.

Back on Unicron, he’s awake, still planning to consume another Cybertron (and thus another Primus, who would play a larger role in Transformers Cybertron, again based on the toys and cartoon). Optimus and Jetfire combine…wait a minute. I’m assuming this would have to be fixed between outline and story. In their new forms Optimus and Jetfire can’t combine. Jetfire can combine with other “Mega Class” figures but the combination they used during Armada shouldn’t work. Instead, Optimus could combine with Wing Saber or Omega Supreme as well as his combat drones but the story doesn’t allow for either of those. Wing Saber is on Earth helping rescue Kicker while Omega Supreme is protecting the Mars base and the drones dropped out of this series shortly after they were introduced. Optimus does not combine like any of the other Autobots, and some of them didn’t do the top/bottom combo either. Anyway, that’s does nothing to help.

On Earth, Kicker has finally had enough. (Not as much as I’ve had enough of this character but that’s besides the point.) Tapping into all of Earth’s Energon, he releases a blast powerful enough to break Demolishor’s personal shield and wipe him out. Guess you’re not getting a new toy. Unless you can become a ghost like Starscream.

Optimus calls all the Autobots back to Cybertron to make a final stand against Unicron and the Quintessons, the latter moving their attack to Unicron (and again I ask why they didn’t do this in the first place) but getting the smackdown from the planet eater. Meanwhile Megatron dispatches Alpha Q and starts chopping away at Unicron’s vitals. Optimus senses the Omnicons at the Hub and unlocks it, this sentence hopefully being clearer had there been a comic. Now the Omnicons can use their Energon stars to heal the injured…which I thought was the point of those things in-story to begin with. More Autobots gain the Spark Of Combination, which I guess means some of them can finally combine like their toys can. Once again Autobot and Decepticon join forces to attack Unicron, but they didn’t need to. The explosive device goes off and Unicron is blown up again, disappearing. Basically our heroes did nothing but delay Unicron while Alpha Q’s bomb did everything. And I thought the end of Armada was anti-climactic. At least the heroes did something there.

But don’t start the victory celebration just yet. The portal left behind is now acting like a black hole, slowly sucking Cybertron into it, in keeping with the toys backstory and the cartoon. This is where the series ended. Presumable issue #37 would be the start of Transformers Cybertron just as the comic did when Energon replaced Armada. Obviously Furman never got as far as outlining Cybertron before Pat Lee’s failure as a company owner caused Dreamwave to collapse.

That’s it for Furman’s stories for Dreamwave (except I believe he planned to do Beast Wars, which he eventually did for IDW). It’s odd. I’m not a fan of his run on Transformers for any other company, especially Generation Two, Re-Generation One, and of course Spotlight Arcee. And at times I’m not sure which bothers me more. However, most of his Dreamwave run (with the exception of War Within: The Dark Ages) I actually thought was pretty good. What was different there that earlier and later Transformers tales he worked on just leave me cold or angry or both? I may never know the answer to that either. Still, I wish we could have seen these tales and what Simon Furman would do with the final chapter of the “Unicron Trilogy” and that’s not something I’d thought I’d say. I think that just makes the loss that much worse. Thanks a lot, Pat Lee!

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