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For those of you who weren’t here for the last time we did this, here’s a handy link. It has the history of how Pat Lee ruined Dreamwave and screwed over the people working for him by giving gifts to his parents using the money from the company, which led to him having none to give the creators as the company crashed and burned. He even lied to them, saying everything was fine and they were going to get paid. Last I heard they still haven’t.

Simon Furman later released the scripts for the uncompleted miniseries The War Within – The Age Of Wrath. which is the link above, and his run on Transformers Energon, tonight’s subject. I don’t know if these were sold like Age Of Wrath was but thanks to the Transformers Wiki and Furman’s own website we have a look at how the comics would have ended. I’ll link to the article so you can read the full synopsis, and just focus on a quick wrap-up (so it’s a summary of a summary) along with my immediate thoughts.

When we last visited this series a few weeks ago, Megatron had scrapped Scorponok and retaken control of the Decepticons, while Optimus Prime was trapped somewhere within the bowels of Unicron. But what would have happened next?

Transformers Energon #31

Would you be surprised to see a Transformers chess set.

Transformers Energon #31

“Doomsday Redux”

The comic title links to part 1 of Furman’s synopsis, the issue title links to part two of the same issue.

Pencils: Alex Milne

Inks: Elaine To

Colors: Jong-Im Lee

I’m assuming those credits are the cover artists. I feel they should be credited. And I know the caption joke is similar to the one the Wiki made about board games, but what else would you do with this cover?

Six months have passed since issue #30 and Optimus Prime is still trapped on Unicron waiting for the “Prime Month” event that would have returned Optimus Prime to the three main Transformers series, War Within, Generation One, and Energon. A shield now covers the planet. Kicker hates training to control his powers as our human friends try to figure out what makes him so special to the Terrorcons and their new general, Doom-Lock. (Too bad that toy never saw action in stories.) So like the moron he is he runs off and gets snagged by Demolishor in his new dump truck body from the toyline. Because Kicker is a moron. Did I mention he’s a moron? Because he’s a moron. Honest there are few human character I dislike (the cartoon versions of Alexis, Fred and Billy from Armada for example) and even fewer I hate. Kicker is on the hate list, along with Miko from Prime and….that’s it for the hate department, except for the villains you’re supposed to hate and characters like Lazarus from the first G1 Dreamwave miniseries who barely matter. And this is from what seems to be the only guy in the fandom who doesn’t hate Daniel and Wheelie.

The Autobots also build new toys warriors, including Omega Supreme. Frankly I prefer Omega Sentinel, the blue version which I found at a HUGE discount at Wal-Mart as well as Supreme, but even then I was noticing I was losing space and blue’s my favorite color. That way Omega Supreme is still the guy from G1 and in my shared toy universe that included GoBots, knockoffs, and smaller lines like Super Defender and DinoZaurs (not so much Robo Wheels, although I do own one) Supreme is the new guy on the Energon team. Now I just need a G1 Omega Supreme.

Meanwhile, Over-Run somehow manages to tap into Alpha Quintesson’s history. This time Quintessa (apparently confirming that Alpha Q is a Quintesson but I don’t know how different they are outside of possibly not being connected to the Transformers origin before this) is attacked by Unicron. A device called the Initiator pops up, and Over-Run thinks it’s on Cybertron. Something I better believe based on established continuity is him getting a glimpse into the future, and the Initiator is launched and a Quintesson fleet attacks Cybertron (this part being typical of the Quintessons, although not usually so brazen) and leads Over-Run to suspect there’s a traitor. He warns Counselor Avalon, who as you may recall IS the traitor, which I’m sure will lead to some bad doings. How did Over-Run form a connection with Avalon? Was he trying to contact Optimus and got Avalon instead? Furman’s outline doesn’t say.

Transformers Energon #32

“Can you guys do a shine and polish when your done with my body work?”

Transformers Energon #32

“Armageddon” part 1

Pencils: Alex Milne

Inks: Ferd Poblete

Colors: Alan Wang

Back on Cybertron, Dropshot (a character I couldn’t find a toy for on TFU.Info for either Armada or Energon) is trying to repair a grid while a few Decepticons, the former Autobot Wheeljack (don’t worry, G1 fans, it’s a namesake from Armada), Skywarp, and Thundercracker are messing with him. Then the ghost of Starscream finally makes his return to the comic after having nearly drained Demolishor’s old body to death. (So would it have been explained how Demolishor survived, gotten a new form, and joined Alpha Quintesson even though there’s a shield around the planet now?) He nearly drains Dropshot to death, with the Decepticons running off in a panic. Starscream now wants to drain everyone because surprisingly being chewed up by an ore processor after being blasted by Scorponok and turned into a ghost makes one a little cray-cray. That’s it for toy links. You can find the Energon namesakes of Ironhide and Rodimus easily enough by looking it up under “Unicron Trilogy” and “Energon” in the series list on the site. Also look up Omega Supreme and Omega Sentinel from that line. I’ll get back to them in a moment but the mold was really cool.

Meanwhile, Avalon (who never got a toy, although IDW brings original IDW characters like Drift and Windblade into their G1 series and Hasbro makes them and IDW makeovers of G1ers) and Alpha Q are discussing how to get rid of Over-Run and Avalon suggests using Starscream by somehow nudging him towards the Minicon’s little hideaway. I want to see this backfire and Avalon gets Starscreamed. And Optimus is still running around Unicron blasting stuff, and on Earth Jetfire and the Street Action Team’s combined form, Perceptor, are trying to find him. I’m sure Furman was forced to drag this out for Prime Month but that just points to how gimmicks ruin a story. Did EVERY Transformer comic from Dreamwave have to push away Megatron and Optimus Prime at the same time to bring them back later? Really? Because we never got Optimus back in either of them before the company collapsed under the weight of Pat Lee’s foolishness.

So what’s happening with the moron? As Rodimus and Ironhide continue building Omega Supreme so he can protect the hole in the shield they’ll need to pull Optimus off of Unicron they get a call that AlterEnergy is under attack. As that goes on Kicker tries to use his Energon attack on him but it doesn’t work. I like that Furman actually has in his outline when Rad and his team tried to attack him “I’m Demolishor — it’s one of those does-what-it-says-on-the-tin names!” It’s a funny line, although I wonder how Demolishor knows what that expression even means. He didn’t really interact with humans when he was on Earth. And Demolishor manages to get away with Kicker, because again, he’s a moron. Sorry, I just hate the punk brat but the only reason I want to see him rescued is the threat to the universe. I’m also hoping comic Kicker had that character development cartoon Kicker lacked in spades.

Cybertron again, as Over-Run is about to be visited by Starscream. How did Avalon manage to nudge Starscream that way? Not listed. Not surprisingly (that seems to be happening a lot with Screamer this issue), attacking the guy who is connected to the core of Cybertron isn’t good for the planet and even the Omnicons (weren’t they on Earth six months ago? Why call them back when Kicker is obviously too stupid to keep himself out of Decepticon/Terrorcon hands for more than five minutes and needs a bodyguard?) can’t stop him.

Finally we see Optimus Prime tapping into Unicron’s databanks and seeing the Four Horsemen ravaged another planet for THEIR Energon supply. While Earth and Cybertron are (mostly) safe, other worlds are being threatened. How will he respond?

We may find out next week. Six issues were planned passed Dreamwave’s collapse and to keep this article from being too long we’ll be doing two issues a week until all six unpublished issue outlines are reviewed. Join me again next week for more Energon.

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