Today’s Comic is an article series I haven’t been able to do in it’s proper form since I lost my job back in 2013. Sadly I can’t get new comics, and as a bonus disappointment this was easily my most popular feature…at least according to my stats. “Yesterday’s” Comic, my going over of older comics in my collection as I try to trim my bloated comic collection down, has supplanted it until I get some form of income. (Points to the “support” section of the sidebar.) However, my friend Sean from the comments picked up the first issue of this crossover for me so I have a chance to do a brand new comic review like I used to, about a week after it was published. Also, unlike the “Yesterday’s” version, Today’s Comic doesn’t spoil the whole comic, giving a brief overview, since it’s still on the shelves brand new. Although my friend had a hard time finding the first issue, so apparently the first issue did well. The question is: will the second do nearly as well since not every reader continues through the series after the first curious read?

The origins of this crossover, or so I’m guessing, comes from Mattel getting the rights to do a Thundercats Classics line, similar to its online exclusive Masters Of The Universe Classics line. However, between that announcement and now things have changed. For whatever reason Mattel has opted not to continue one of their most famous toy lines. (Maybe if you sold the toys in stores beyond that two-pack with DC Universe that only went for about four sets they might have sold better.) A toy company called Super 7 (not to be confused with the Filmation series) will be releasing “ultimate” versions of the MOTU line, featuring new and cooler accessories and updated designs. They’re also working on getting the Thundercats license and will possibly used the Mattel designs. Still, that won’t affect the quality of the comic.


Soccer hooligans on Halloween are a sight to see.

He-Man/Thundercats #1

DC Comics (December, 2016)

“Swords And Omens”
WRITERS: Rob David & Lloyd Goldfine
ARTIST: Freddie E. Williams III
COLORIST: Jeremy Colwell
LETTERER: Deron Bennett
EDITOR: Kristy Quinn
GROUP EDITOR: Jim Chadwick

After another defeat at the hands of Lion-O and the Sword Of Omens, Mumm-Ra is once again on the outs with the Ancient Spirits Of Evil. They send him on a mission to obtain a sword that can rival the Sword Of Omens, namely the Sword Of Power. Third Earth is dragged into Eternian airspace just as Adam disappoints his father again, and Mumm-Ra tricks the Power Sword from Adam. However, Mumm-Ra himself is being tricked. They’re not called the Spirits Of EVIL for nothing. What part does Skeletor play in this and how are the Thundercats affected?

What they got right: Two series where sword, sorcery, and technology combine (in different ways mind you) are a good crossover combination. Mumm-Ra and He-Man’s transformation sequences also look cool. And Skeletor hanging with the Ancient Spirits Of Evil feels so right. Outside of Mumm-Ra, Skeletor is the only villain who is so tied to evil that a sympathetic backstory just feels wrong. They’re evil for the sake of evil and like it. Few other villains, even kids villains, can get away with that. Also…Third Earth and not New Thundera. And with the Feliner showing up, maybe the second wave of Thundercats–Lynx-O, Pumyra, and Bengali–will show up. But even I don’t want to see Snarfer again, and I like Snarf.

What they got wrong: I’m not sure what continuity the writers are putting the Masters Of The Universe into. Is it the original DC comic continuity? No, everyone talks normally. The Filmation one? No, things are way too stabby; even Lion-O makes Mumm-Ra bleed at one point. The current DC continuity? Last I heard Randor was dead, Eternia was in shambles, Orko was controlled by evil (instead of the bragging he does here, which also feels off), and everybody knew Adam was He-Man. For that matter, how did Mumm-Ra know, and does this version of Skeletor know? Adam seems to still have a secret identity. But let’s get off of that and focus on the coloring. Bennett is going for a style and I’m not a fan of it. While his magical energy effects look pretty good the colors are kind of dark and muted. Maybe he’s trying to set the tone but it doesn’t work for me. There’s also three covers. The villains shown above, the heroes, and a “coloring book” style wraparound of the full scene with both sides, all by the same artist. Since I haven’t been able to complain about variant covers in a long time, these just annoy me. Why would you buy three versions (and possibly more if there’s some convention exclusive cover) of the same comic?

Recommendation: Although the complaints seem longer, it’s really two complaints. I like the idea and thus far the problems that faced the Thundercats under Wildstorm (we’ll be getting to that when “Yesterday’s” Comic returns…as soon as I’m recovered enough to get into my longboxes) seem to be nonexistent here. Still, DC’s current history with He-Man and Wildstorm’s with the Thundercats as a DC imprint (and don’t forget the Superman crossover) have me only tentatively recommending the comic. We’ll have to see how things go with the miniseries but I’m curious to see what happens next.

"Kryptonite is Superman, you idiot!"

“Kryptonite is Superman, you idiot!”

Oh yeah, I used to end the review with the best scene, with a crowning of Best Scene Of This Week’s Reviews during Jake & Leon on Sundays.


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3 responses »

  1. Sean says:

    I read Issue #1 today, and I am quite impressed with it. Personally, I like the artwork…it is very lively. I also liked the pace of the story, and the fact that this comic seems to have more words than Voltron Rises From the Ashes had. A crossover between He-Man and Thundercats makes the most sense (more sense than the Supeman/Thundercats crossover or Thundercats/Battle of the Planets one did) because both creative properties combine elements of science fiction and fantasy/magic. I enjoyed how the cover contained a mix of villains from both Thundercats and MOTU. My only question is who is the person in the upper left hand of that comic cover? I can’t figure that one out. The scene where Prince Adam stumbles into the royal throne room was cool because of the large number of “good guys” from MOTU who were in the room. It was fun to try identifying some of these characters from my youth like seeing Mossman there (who was probably my favorite MOTU action figure when I was a kid). Another question arises…who’s the character that looks like a bee and also the one who looks like an elephant? I don’t remember those from MOTU. But then again, I was into MOTU from 1983 to 1985 or 1986 so I didn’t know about some of the later characters. This issue has peaked my curiosity and makes me want to read more in this 6 issue mini-series. For instance, I would like to know if Skeletor really [SPOILER REMOVED] I really want to see how the Thundercats and Masters of the Universe will team up to fight the evils of Skeletor’s henchmen/women and the Mutants (I”m assuming the Mutants will show up to their presence on the cover). So yes, I plan to pick up every issue of this 6 issue mini-series. This diehard Thundercats fan and supportive but less die-hard MOTU fan is excited about the vast possibilities of this comic and potential future comics that combine both creative properties.


    • Spoiler removed. This is a new comic, not an old one like “Yesterday’s” Comic.

      The guy in the corner of the cover is Tri-Klops. I guess they’re going with one of the other designs than the classic version. The bee man is Buzz-Off and the elephant is Snout Spout.

      Actually, remembering that scene brings an extra question for you fine peoples out there. Why do all three faces of Man-E-Faces have to comment. Is DC’s version dealing with split personalities? I would not like that.


      • Sean says:

        Tri-Klops….that’s it! Thanks for the reminder. Also, when did Buzz-Off and Snout Spout appear in Masters of the Universe in the 1980s? Maybe this updated version of Man-E-Faces requires all parts of him to respond. Hey, things can change. Like how the MacGyver show changed.

        Looking forward to issue #2 because I want to see what happens when Snarf and Orko finally meet face to face. It will be historic.


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