Here’s a comic I’ve been to before, but we need a fight with a kick and this has it. It also has horrible 90s art, but it’s DC in the 90s. It’s to be expected. We return to the alternate futures of 2001, as viewed by Waverider. Batman is in jail for a murder frame-up so good even he thinks he’s guilty. Catwoman doesn’t believe he is and decides to drop in on two of Penguin’s old goons. Paw in mouth follows.

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Karate Kick” round 11

The Battlefield: Batman Annual #15 (part of Armageddon: 2001; DC Comics; 1991) “The Last Batman Story”

The Promoters: Alan Grant (writer), Jim Fern (penciler) Steve Leialoa (linker), Adrienne Roy (colorist), and John Costanza (letterer)

Sidebar: I don’t remember if I mentioned it during the reviews, but why was this one called “The Last Batman Story” when another one of Waverider’s reads in a different comic actually involved Batman being blown up and dying? Anyway, on to the kicking.

"Avon calling!"

“Avon calling!”

And another because he didn’t get the hint the first time.

"Take a load off your paws."

“Take a load off your paws.”

I’m sparing the horrible close-up of Catwoman’s face that comes after this.

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