Superman and his alter ego, Clark Kent

Superman and his alter ego, Clark Kent (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Marvel is slowly tossing aside secret identities. I think Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel are it. Maybe Squirrel Girl, I’m not sure. Anyway, one problem with not having an alter ego is not having a job. Because unless you go to work for SHIELD or are Tony Stark nobody is going to hire someone who will keep disappearing to save the day or have their villains come in and blow up the place. Bosses are strict on those things.

But what job is right for which hero? And does changing jobs mean something? (Or for us writers does the job we give a character work for their personalities and the needs of the story? For example, is a reporter really the right job for Superman?) Chris Sims of Comics Alliance delves into this very subject as part of his “Ask Chris” feature.


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