I thought the Thundercats review was Thursday?

I thought the Thundercats review was Thursday?

Adventures In The DC Universe #3

DC Comics (June, 1997)

Wonder Woman: “You Can’t Cheetah An Honest Man!”


PENCILER: John Delaney

INKER: Ron Boyd


LETTERER: Tim Harkins

EDITOR: KC Carlson

Batman: “Cruise To Nightmare”

WRITER: Paul Dini

ARTIST: Bruce Timm

COLORIST: Mark Chiarello

LETTERING: Comicraft

EDITOR: Charles Kochman

In the main feature, Cheetah hatches a plot to steal Wonder Woman’s powers using an ancient ritual and blade, kidnapping Helena to lure Diana into her trap. However, Diana tricks Cheetah into believing she destroyed the scroll, where it hides in the safest place possible…the museum filing system.

What they got right: As an introduction to Wonder Woman and Cheetah it works well.

What they got wrong: However, we learn little of Cheetah’s history beyond being an archaeologist named Barbara Minerva, that she gets her powers from gods, and he has an African stereotype manservant named Chuma. By now Wonder Woman is popular enough that we know at least part of her history but this isn’t the Cheetah from Challenge Of The Super Friends and it would be nice to learn more about this new version.

In the Batman backup story, Bruce is attending a charity event aboard a boat when Poison Ivy arrives to steal it, and Bruce must become Batman to stop her. The problem here is that there is already a comic for kids based on Batman, and I’m never sure what continuity the comic takes place in (and neither do the writers) so it doesn’t matter if there’s a Batman story here because kids can easily learn about Batman from his own comic and a very popular cartoon on the air at this time. And Poison Ivy shows up there. What I’m saying is that while a neat short adventure, it’s really unnecessary and if this comic is about introducing kids to the wider DC Universe before they’re old enough to read it (yeah, this isn’t all that new) they would have been better served with a different hero. Plant sea serpent was kind of cool, though.

Recommendation: The main story is decent and the backup okay. I wouldn’t rush out to get it, but it’s worth getting if you see it.



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