“I wish robots could eat popcorn because I really want some for this.”

Transformers: Generation One volume 3 #3

Dreamwave (March, 2004)


WRITER: Brad Mick

PENCILER: Don Figueroa

INKER: Elaine To

COLORISTS: Espen Grundetjern & Rob Ruffolo


When we last left our heroes they were dealing with Sunstorm, a Seeker imbued with amazing power, a religious obsession, and a desire to make Starscream part of his holy crusade. Only Skyfire’s radiation shielding offers any defense to Sunstorm’s energy blasts. Together he and Ratchet come up with a solution to duplicate Starscream’s energy signature, believing him to be a clone of Starscream as part of Shockwave’s old experiments. Bumblebee allows himself to be bait but while they manage to weaken and damage Sunstorm, he somehow finds Starscream somewhere in the frozen north of Alaska…and so does something else!

What they got right: I like the mix of respect and concern you see here. For example, when Brawn is complaining about helping the Decepticons, although Bumper points out that it was to help free other Autobots and gain help against Sunstorm, a conversation that leads to exploring Bumblebee’s self-doubt (which is why I connect to him more than other Autobots). I also like that both Bumblebee’s “battle mask” (well before the Michael Bay films and current Primeverse continuities started using them) and Skyfire’s helmet match their original toy counterparts. Skyfire even has machine guns on his helmet, like the plane he was based on (based on the Macross series Valkyries, and later released in the US by Revel as the Robotech Veritech model Orion, which is where the show gets its name from). Speaking of the Bay films, references to the classic line fit better here than in Bay’s films. They also have Bumblebee’s ship resemble his Cybertronian vehicle form from the first episode of the cartoon.

What they got wrong: How and when did Starscream end up at some place in Alaska (I thought he was still on the ship, although I could be wrong)?

Recommendation: Still an enjoyable Transformers comic run that I recommend getting.


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