Slayers The Motion Picture

Slayers The Motion Picture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s the only image I could get to come up.

I never really got into Slayers, the Japanese animated series about sorceress Lina Inverse and her penchant to burn all the things, mostly out of time than my usual disinterest in fantasy-type stories. However, longtime BW go-to TJOmega is a huge fan. So when Team Four Star had their abridged series contest, Tyler broke out an abridged parody of the first series. It did not win. Instead it was some take on Star Trek: The Animated Series that didn’t even look like what abridged series do since it didn’t look like it “adapted” an episode in proper sequence. Also the jokes failed so hard for me I couldn’t finish it.

Because I thought this was better, I thought I’d throw this up there. Getting together with his friends, including previous entry Vangelus and our old friend Matt Burkett, he produced something that DID make me laugh. Hopefully you like it, too. Just know there’s some serious innuendo and some s-bombs going on. Probably not for the kids, but neither is the source material.


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