No, the Superman guest appearances don't count. it's specifically for Supergirl.

No, the Superman guest appearances don’t count. it’s specifically for Supergirl.

I’ve been noticing it when I watch Supergirl and just yesterday I was watching the second DC Super Hero Girls on Cartoon Network’s “on demand”. In both cases the credit that should read “created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino” is missing. I understand the “based on characters created by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster” as well as the recent bit about the Shuster family arrangement, since Supergirl is based on Superman, but the way it’s written Binder and Plastino are not getting the credit they deserve and non-comic fans of the show will think the guys who created SuperMAN also created SuperGIRL, which isn’t the case. They’re getting robbed is what’s happening.

As for this week’s Clutter Report, I only had time for one of the smaller projects on the list from last week so I went through that paper pile and read things, checked out websites, and got that bit of cleaning done. I’m hoping for the phone review next week. And that’s really all I have to add, except maybe a new Masters Of The Universe storyline from the 2000s series and the first Wildstorm Thundercats comic, one of two anthology comics, comes up next week and hopefully the return of the graphic novel/trade paperback reviews on Saturday. Time will decide that.


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  1. Sean says:

    Looking forward to your writings about 2000s MOTU and Wildstorm’s Thundercats.


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