“Sorry, I thought that was the explosives vault.”

The Batman And Robin Adventures #10

DC Comics (June, 1997)

“Duty Of The Huntress”

WRITER: Ty Templeton

PENCILER: Brandon Kruse

INKER: Terry Beatty

COLORIST: Linda Medley

LETTERER: Tim Harkins


EDITOR: Scott Peterson

It was supposed to be Helena Bertinelli’s big night, but it ended when most of her family was murdered by mobsters looking to unite the five families of Gotham City. Not wanting to have his worked profited by the mob after his death, Helena’s father left behind instruction and details that would take the families down, but rather than hand it over to the police, Helena uses that information to shut the mob down herself. As the Huntress, she begins shutting down business after business until Batman and Robin stop her, turning the locations of the old Bertinelli mob’s crime operations over to Gordon. After learning just how evil her father was (especially the sweat shop and drug operations within Gotham) Helena may not have to avenge her family’s murder anymore, but now she need to figure out how to repay the world for her father’s sins.

What they got right: I don’t know if this was Huntress’ origin in the comics by this time (the original was an alternate universe offspring of Batman and a reformed Catwoman, much like the New 52 version, and Birds Of Prey TV show) but it’s an origin I like. Plus being a kids comic this Huntress doesn’t kill, instead firing tranquilizers from her crossbow. I wish this was one of the “Adventures” stories to be made canon by showing up in the show.

What they got wrong: We never did learn for sure if Enzio, Helena’s cousin, was in on what was going on or not, and outside of being a source of information for the Dynamic Duo to find Huntress he really doesn’t contribute much to this story.

Recommendation: Like I said, I wish this has been turned into an episode of the show. Huntress later appeared in Justice League Unlimited and I’m going to pretend this is her actual origin story.

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