From that Soundoff by colorist Owen Jollands comes today’s Soundoff from me.



About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    Not only did you have to get your insides reconnected, but you also had to get reconnected with your normal life routine (which includes your creativity work). In this case, the title you chose for your Art Sound Off video was quite appropriate. Just as your insides have been reconnected, you are more reconnected again to your normal life routine. And don’t worry about not having a belly button. You can either get a tattoo of a belly button or use your missing belly button as a possible pick up line with women:

    Scene at a music club:

    Shadow Wing sees an attractive woman.

    Shadow Wing: “Hello there”.

    Attractive Woman: “Hi, what’s up?”

    Shadow Wing: “I have an invisible belly button. Would you like to see it?”

    Two things could happen. Either:

    A) Attractive woman says sure, sees it, and says that’s awesome and the conversation continues along with a dance and exchange of phone numbers


    B) Attractive woman slaps Shadow Wing across the face for even asking such a question.

    But seriously, we all have something physically unique about all of us. I once had a girlfriend who was very beautiful (the Haitian one from 2003), and she had the unique thing of having a part of an extra finger on one of her hands. It didn’t take away from her physical beauty or from the beauty of her nice personality. She was still a great person. So don’t let the missing belly button worry you. Think of it this way…that’s one less thing to clean. Besides belly buttons didn’t get popular until Madonna started showing hers off in the 80s. Before 1984, nobody cared about belly buttons.


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