“Young Justice is getting a third season! We fans have WON!”

Masters Of The Universe vol.2 #1

Image Comics/MV Creations (March, 2003)

WRITER: Val Staples

PENCILERS: Emiliano Santalucia & Enza Fontana

no inkers listed oddly

COLORISTS: Val Staples, Kevin Senft, Shaynne Corbett, & Mark Sweeney

SELECTED COVER ART: Val Staples & Emiliano Santalucia

LETTERING: Dreamer Design

EDITORS: Heather Scheider, Jeremy Padawer, Geoff Walker, & Ricardo Crespo.

Skeletor and his forces find a temple in the bright side of Eternia that contains an altar that is actually an interdimensional portal used to store relics of the lost Schneidor civilization. He seeks an elixr that will be part of his latest device. (This version of Skeletor was big into building machines.) The Masters (the “Heroic Warriors” of the old series go by “Masters Of The Universe” for whatever reason) try to stop them but soldiers die like crazy while Mekaneck is injured. Only the arrival of He-Man and Battlecat (although this version was less a character and more He-Man’s steed and nothing else–all blame to the show) allows the others to survive as well as Skeletor escaping with what he wants. Beast Man’s saddlebag is hit with a laser and they drop an advice, but a garbled message from the Sorceress leaves no time to examine it.

What they got right: Cool battle scenes and a mystery that should bring fans of the series, or at least the previous miniseries, to come back to see what is going on at Castle Grayskull. The art’s also really good, and there are some neat moments with Ram Man. Also, Man-At-Arms kicks himself for not bringing a larger force to handle Skeletor, and good men possibly dying because of it.

What they got wrong: Not a whole lot else. It feels short, just setting everything up for this story arc and not much else, maybe introducing Ram Man and Mekaneck to the comic audience. While it’s the usual length the fact that the fight, starting in the middle of the action, takes up so much of it the story goes by a lot faster. Plus…Schneidor? It’s either a joke about one of the four editors (why four again?) or a reference to One Day At A Time. And now I’m imagining Skeletor with a pack of cigarettes stuffed up his sleeve while fully aware the majority of people reading this do not get this reference even after I named it.

Recommendation: It’s not a bad issue but there’s little “meat” to it. Still recommended depending on how the storyline ends but alone it doesn’t work as well, whether that was a necessity or not.


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  1. Sean says:

    If you read this comic issue, you have to just take it one day at a time! One day at a time! (I got your 70s television reference). Your reviews of the Image Comics version of MOTU have convinced me that I need to get those back issues when I come across them. Image did an awesome job with Voltron in that same time period, and it looks the same with their rendering of MOTU.


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