Yes, that’s the costume they’re going with for The Vanisher.

The Adventures Of The X-Men #9

Marvel (December, 1995)


WRITER: Ralph Macchio

PENCILER: Derec Aucoin

INKER: Ralph Cabrera

COLORIST: Paul Becton

LETTERER: Michael Higgins

EDITOR: Mark Bernardo

As Storm and Jubilee try to cheer up Gambit after his brother’s murder last issue, Spiral returns from the Mojoverse and kidnaps Storm. Mojo had kidnapped her and other X-Men before and Storm had the highest fan ratings so he forces her to star in his new show…if he can keep would-be filmmaker the Vroot (no relation to Groot) from finding ways into his studio. Back on Earth, the Hellfire Club sends the Vanisher to steal plans they need to upgrade the Sentinels, but he leaves the Club’s calling card, seeking payback on Sebastian Shaw. Shaw, now working with Trask, sends a Sentinel after the Vanisher, who escapes to the X-Mansion and seeks the X-Men’s help in stopping it. Since the armor is incomplete Cyclops and Gambit take it out by blasting the hole in his neck. As thanks the Vanisher agrees to take Cyclops, Jean, and Gambit to the Mojoverse to rescue Storm.

What they got right: Trask working with the Hellfire Club is interesting considering he hates mutants and the Club has employed them in the past, including the Vanisher. It may be an excuse to use the Vanisher to get to the Mojoverse, the alternate reality where Mojo runs things via television, which I think is the story they really wanted to tell. It’s always fun to see the X-Men defeat a Sentinel.

What they got wrong: So can Spiral only transport people to the Mojoverse via that one television store or was this a coincidence as a nod to this continuity’s first encounter with Mojo? The Sentinel’s mutant power inhibiting ray is used once, serves only to make Vanisher run, and then isn’t used on the X-Men when the effects wear off on Vanisher. And how did the Sentinel track him to the X-Men after he teleported? Also, Vanisher’s real name is Telford Porter. That’s the original X-comics to blame but who is responsible for that silly-looking costume he’s wearing in this story?

Recommendation: We’ll see what happens in two weeks (there’s another comic next in my rotation), but looking good at the start. Might be worth getting, but only with the next issue since this is mostly setup for that.



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