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Mobile Police Patlabor part 2 #1

Viz Comics (1998); originally published by Shogakukan




COVER DESIGN: Viz Graphics


EDITOR: Julie Davis

Since part 1 Special Vehicles Division 2 has had more adventures, with Ota’s Patlabor being so damaged it doesn’t even have the original parts anymore, and Isumi still upset when the signal light is damaged. As she tries a new experiment with her Ingram, the competition (or at least one member from the Hong Kong branch) to the Ingram’s designers are plotting to steal their data from their adventures for their latest combat labor.

What they got right: The various members discussing Ota’s misuse of his Ingram because he likes the rough stuff versus Isumi’s opposite approach by trying to avoid damage whenever she can is a good character moment. We also get a good setup to the villain of this arc.

What they got wrong: Why isn’t this #7 instead of “part 2 #1”? If you’re going to publish it like an American comic (I’m sure there was also a “digest” style printing similar to how it’s done in Japan) then go all the way with it. Viz did the same thing with Bio-Booster Armor Guyver and it bugged me then, too.

Recommendation: Still enjoying this series regardless of what “part” it is. Pick this series up.

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