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DC Comics (January, 1986)

“The Domain Of The Dead”

WRITER: Michael Fleisher

PENCILER: Michael Chen

INKER: Joe Del Beato

COLORIST: Shelley Eiber

LETTERER: John Costanza

EDITOR: Andrew Helfer

Matt and Bruce seek a Professor Ginsburg with the hopes of having him translate the hieroglyph left on Scott’s hotel room when he and T-Bob were kidnapped, unaware that this is VENOM’s doing. However, the professor is more interested in his latest discovery, a pyramid that he believes will prove the Egyptian gods were more than mere legend. He might be right, since Anubis and his mummy soldiers kidnap them and then rob a local museum, barely escaping MASK. At least he would be right except that “Anubis” is actually Miles Mayhem and the mummies are some of his VENOM agents. Dwayne Kennedy, Matt’s boss at the PNA, orders Matt to use a new agent, Nash Gorey. As they and the other selected MASK agents arrive at the pyramid they engage VENOM in battle with their vehicles, and then follow them inside with their masks at the ready. After another fight VENOM escapes. Matt is reunited with Scott and T-Bob, but Nash seals them inside the pyramid!

What they got right: Except for one detail this was a good trap idea on Mayhem’s part. And the story does show off all the MASK and VENOM vehicles showing up in the story. (Be sure and bug your parents for the toys, kids.) Without the kidnapping angle, the story stands on its own, but does add to the full arc of this miniseries.

What they got wrong: Mayhem took one big risk, assuming that Matt would go to Professor Ginsburg when he already has experts on his team, two of whom show up in this issue–a history teacher and cryptographer–who might have been able to decipher things, simply because Ginsburg is supposed to be an expert in the legend of Anubis specifically. The annoying thing about this issue though has to be the constant interrupting. It’s like the writer put in more than the letterer could use, so characters are constantly being interrupted by other characters as the story goes on. If the writer had an idea as to what Ginsburg’s actual hypothesis concerning Anubis and the Egyptian gods were we’ll never know it. I bet it has something to do with a card game that summons monsters.

Other notes: As can be told this was my first MASK comic and read quite a bit. I also picked up issue #3, but for the longest time I couldn’t find #s 1 and 4. I did eventually find a four-pack with the entire miniseries, meaning I have an extra copy of the second and third issue. Considering the state of this issue I’m weighing my options. But not with a feather. 🙂

Recommendation: A good stand-alone story that also works with the overall arc of the miniseries surrounding the defense satellites and VENOM trying to shut MASK down. Also, I’m starting to think “Contraworld” is a stand-in for the commies. Worth picking up.

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  1. Sean says:

    This is the only MASK issue I have, and I did enjoy reading it. Your views are totally on point with this issue. Last night, Empire Strikes Back and Revenge of the Jedi were on TBS. I discovered it when I had flipped to TBS at 6 after finding that a news channel had a football game instead. Boy, I’m glad I made that discovery! I got to see most of Empire Strikes Back and all of Revenge of the Jedi. I saw Empire again on television again in 2007 on television, but the last time I saw Revenge of the Jedi was in 1997 when you, I, and Tim went to see it in the theaters for its second cinema release (I had seen it first in the theater in 1983 with cousins). So this being my 3rd time seeing Revenge of the Jedi with an almost 20 year gap, I still stand by my view that Revenge of the Jedi is my favorite of the three classic Star Wars movies. I would debate with Michael from Retroblasting on that for sure!


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