Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Darn it, Space Mutiny is my favorite but the official channel doesn’t have it up yet.

Oh well, I do like The Pumaman as well, so that works. During Thanksgiving, Mystery Science Theater 3000 held their annual “Turkey Day Marathon”. The tradition was started during their time on Comedy Central, and was picked up a few years ago by Shout Factory’s YouTube channel and live-streaming service Pluto TV, which carries the series on one of it’s channels. (Pluto operates like a cable or satellite network, getting various streaming shows from the internet and running them like regular TV channels.) For the Kickstarter for the brand new season that will air on Netflix (which as you may recall I don’t have and am getting more and more frustrated with that since Netflix seems to be designed to torture me) a poll was set up for the top six MST3K episodes, and #6, right at the bottom, was a superhero movie from Italy about a newbie superhero who has to rescue a mask owned by space gods that he’s descended from and rescue his girlfriend. It’s mediocre but fun.

On Shout Factory TV they DO have Space Mutiny and no way to embed it here. But Pumaman and his allegedly possibly Aztec friend is as good as any. This is also annotated so if you don’t get a joke, don’t worry. Just turn annotations on and they’ll solve that problem for you. Or turn them off to just watch the movie without multi-colored pop-ups. I wonder if this movie inspired The Greatest American Hero with how poorly Tony flies as Pumaman? Just click the gear on the bottom of the player. Enjoy.


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