Great poster. Now where's the comic cover?

Great poster. Now where’s the comic cover?

Masters Of The Universe vol. 2 #4

Image Comics/MV Creations (June, 2003)

WRITER: Val Staples

ARTISTS: Emiliano Santalucia & Ezra Fontana

COLORIST: Kevin Senft (assisted by Shyanne Corbett)

SELECTED COVER ART: Emiliano Santalucia & Val Staples

LETTERING: Dreamer Design

EDITORS: Heather Schneider, Jeremy Padawer, Ian Richter, & Geoff Walker

The bat people turn out to be bird people when Avion is restored to normal out of nowhere. He-Man and Man-E-Faces head to Castle Grayskull to see the Sorceress’s aid, and find her knocked out, still weak after Evil-Lyn’s assault. She warns our heroes that the dimensional rifts are slowly connecting Eternia with its own “mirror universe” dimension and that it will continue until the source is sent back home…namely the now-escaped Man-At-Arms (or at least his double).

What they got right: I like the nods to the old show, where He-Man can call the jawbridge to open (I forget if he did that on the new show, but they still included it here so I’m counting it) and the illusions hiding the way around Grayskull. The idea of a “mirror universe” for Eternia and that the Man-At-Arms they have comes from that universe is a neat trick and we’ll see where they go with this.

What they got wrong: So what you’re telling me is that without the Masters (or rather He-Man, let’s be honest about what this arc has been saying) Evil-Lyn could easily defeat the Sorceress and take over Castle Grayskull without Skeletor being involved?

Recommendation: This storyline is really getting interesting. Pick this series up.


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  1. Sean says:

    I actually have a student in reading class named Avion.


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