“Power Sword. Sword Of Omens. Toys next to MY sword!”

Transformers Cybertron: Balancing Act

IDW (April, 2007)

“Balancing Act” and “Revelations”

STORY: Forest Lee & Dan Khanna

WRITER: Forest Lee

PENCILER: Dan Khanna

INKERS: Terry Pallot & Chuck Gibson; Ted Pertzborn, Makoto Ono

COLORIST: Blond, Espen Grudetjern, Krista Ward, Makoto Ono

LETTERING: Junemoon Studios

EDITORIAL CONSULTANT: Marc Patten (Destination Entertainment)

Trying to explain this comic would be hard enough for Scanning My Collection, so don’t expect the usual summary. That’s mostly because I have no idea what the slag is going on. Surprisingly the problem is not from where it comes from. This is a compilation of a storyline appearing in The Official Transformers Collector’s Club newsletter, with a continuation that I’m guessing was a convention comic or something but I’m only guessing that because it’s broken into “parts”. I would say this hurts the collective reading since each part is only about 5 pages in length, but frankly that’s the least of this book’s problems.

The best I can gather is that Unicron’s heralds come to the Cybertron of the Transformers Cybertron series or possibly the Unicron Trilogy books of Dreamwave that was only able to gather the first two part of the trilogy, Armada and Energon. The multiverse does play a part here so I’m not really sure what’s happening on that front. Anyway, Ramjet and Nemesis Prime want to destroy Primus to “balance” the death of Unicron in this series, and Vector Prime calls for Sentinel Maximus for help. The heralds manage to destroy Alpha Trion, who isn’t part of any version of this continuity so he shouldn’t even be there, and Vector Sigma, who also shouldn’t be in this continuity. Also Overrun shows up, having been killed (or would have been had the Dreamwave comics continued) and now being part of Cybertron’s mainframe. He draws in the Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus from the first Robots In Disguise series (the one adapted from former Japan exclusive Car Robots) to help, and there’s a “Dark Matrix” that the Cybertron version of Soundwave, now talking like G1 Soundwave for some reason, uses to extract Unicron from the black hole and there’s bit with the Club giveaway toys…it’s just a big mess.

And that’s the real problem. The art is fantastic right down to the coloring, but the story is all over the place, like they didn’t have a full script between newsletter issues. Lee also likes to write long speeches for Vector Prime’s debut and Unicron’s as well (an excuse to use a toy version of Unicron that turned into a vehicle for whatever reason Hasbro had at the time) that just bore me to read. There’s a lot of rambling and not enough sense to this story and it’s just a chore to get through.

So I really can’t recommend this comic to anyone unless they want to look at the art. The story is scattered, the dialog boring, and it’s just not fun to read. It’s a shame since this is likely the only Cybertron comic we’ll ever get.



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