We’re done with Black Friday jokes, right?

Transformers: Generation One v3 #6

Dreamwave (June, 2004)


WRITERS: James McDonough (aka Brad Mick) & Adam Patyk

PENCILER: Don Figueroa

INKER: Elaine To

COLORIST: Espen Grundetjern


Starscream stands victorious…until Sunstorm flies out of the strange substance within the cavern. Now filled with chaotic energy as well as his own he feels the “oracle” has abandoned him and for some reason sees Bumblebee as its new champion. Sunstorm attacks Bumblebee out of revenge but  when both Starscream and Jetfire interfere, he opts to destroy the whole world, not realizing he’s actually a time bomb ready to go off. Jetfire makes the ultimate sacrifice in order to get the wild clone far enough away from Earth. The last image in the comic is Bumblebee dropping his gun and walking off.

What they got right: A good finish to this story arc, and setting up the next one as Warpath and Bumper, along with the offline Autobots, are taken away by the EDC into an underground bunker. We have some mysteries about Earth and its connection to Cybertron, the Cybertron Autobots discussing a return to Earth–it’s a good blend of character and action moments.

What they got wrong: I’m still not into this unnecessary connection between the two planets, or why this causes Bumblebee to not want to be a soldier anymore. Sure, he’s been under a lot of stress in this arc, but why is Jetfire’s death the last straw? Or is it the new information about this connection to his home planet? I don’t know, and as I recall we won’t fully find out because of Dreamwave’s passing.

Recommendation: A good story arc and there is more to come. These two are my favorite writers for the franchise and we’ll see more in the next arc.


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