Gambit looks like he’s about to go on a killing spree.

The Adventures Of The X-Men #10

Marvel Comics (January, 1997)

“Media Darlings”

WRITER: Ralph Macchio

PENCILER: Vancey Labat

INKER: Ralph Cabrera

COLORIST: Paul Becton

SEPARATIONS: Graphic Colorworks

LETTERER: Michael Higgins

EDITOR: Mark Bernardo

Forced into being a star for Mojo’s TV shows, Storm is not happy with the life of a celebrity. However, the Vanisher and the X-Men Cyclops, Jean, and Gambit have just arrived, and Longshot is there waiting for them. (Since his power is luck, usually the good kind, that makes more sense than it would otherwise.) He informs the X-Men that Mojo is planning to beam a signal to Earth that will make people kill each other, which he’ll air on televisions throughout the Mojoverse. Now running a rebellion against Mojo, Longshot also has an agent on the inside. With the Vanisher’s help, the X-Men rescue Storm but Mojo’s plans were actually stopped by the Vroot, who was using his bad script pushing as a cover to infiltrate Mojo’s operation and stop the antenna. The Vanisher offers to stay in Storm’s place as a performer and sends the heroes back to Earth, not sure where on Earth they’ll end up.

What they got right: Mojo was created as a parody of Hollywood and television/movie studios and he plays his part well here. And it’s fun watching him get tormented by the Vroot, who is just an ordinary balding man with bad TV and movie scripts. The Vroot also leads to a twist that isn’t a surprise but was funny to see.

What they got wrong: This is one of the kids-targeting comics, right? Because I don’t think some of this they would understand, like the fake romance Mojo sets up. Also, the Vroot talks about wanting to “make some jungle woopie” with Storm when she’s in the “jungle girl” costume, and Mojo looking to start a scandal about an affair between Storm and some random actor guy who is already linked to several starlets. I’m also trying to figure out if the letter was trying to have a female stage hand talking about how hot Storm is or if he accidentally pointed the tail in the balloon that way since this is a 90s kid comic and that word balloon is also connected to Mojo’s. The art draws a lot of sceneless backgrounds (or doesn’t drawn them as the case may be) and the colorist doesn’t color the eyes in for at least one panel.

Recommendation: Eh, fun enough story to give a look to I guess, and it sets up where the quartet disappears to for the next storyline. Otherwise there really isn’t much here.


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