He had to learn somewhere, right?

He had to learn somewhere, right?

Ever since Space Ghost popped up in Batman: The Brave & The Bold I was hoping to see a crossover between the DC Universe and Hanna-Barbera’s “Super Adventure” superheroes. And I’m not the only one as you can find plenty of photoshopped covers and hand-drawn fanart featuring same. Well DC, owned by the same people who have and squander the Hanna-Barbera library, are finally giving the people what they want. I think. After all, DC has done the gritty remake of Wacky Races and other HB comedic shows, so all bets are off frankly.

Outside of the Super Friends showing up in Scooby-Doo Team-Up we haven’t gotten a lot of forces joining between these superhero groups, but in some upcoming annuals we will see the DC and HB superheroes finally get together…at least that’s what I was hoping and in part we are getting that. But there’s more of that squandering going on and outside of one choice they really dropped the ball. My information comes from this article by ICv2’s Becky Gomez, and I’m hoping this isn’t all of it. I did grab the covers from DC’s site though.


Adam Strange and Jonny Quest

Adam Strange / Furture Quest (spelling error on “Future Quest”) Annual #1 is written by Marc Andreyko and Jeff Parker, with Steve Lieber on art. Adam Strange finds himself on a strange alternate Earth that doesn’t have superpowered beings. Jonny Quest, Hadji, Dr. Benton Quest, and Race Bannon are Strange’s only hope to return home. Includes a backup feature starring Top Cat by Dan DiDio and Phil Winslade.

That’s a pretty good team-up based on what little I know about Adam Strange. Future Quest is a team-up of the more serious HB shows, with Jonny Quest and gang as the centerpiece so I’m not sure where this fits into continuity of that (mostly because I sadly have not checked it out because being unemployed sucks). Considering that they have heroes like Birdman and Mightor showing up I’d think that they would have superheroes on that Earth unless they’re all supposed to be from an alternate reality, and I would hate that. I like thinking that all the HB heroes exists in the same universe and there is a multi-part story of Space Ghost that backs this up.


Booster Gold and The Flintstones

A futuristic hero and a pair of Stone Age patriarchs pair up in Mark Russell’s Booster Gold / The Flinstones Annual #1. Drawn by Rick Leonardi and Scott Hanna, Booster Gold travels back in time to find out why 25th Century Earth is in ruins, and he needs the help of Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble to learn the truth. Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Pier Brito provide a backup starring the Jetsons.

Okay, I’m starting to understand the problem here. One of the serious remakes made by DC was of the Flintstones, in the same vein as the recent reimagining (there’s….THAT…word again) of Archie and his pals over at Archie Comics. Because fun is for suckers apparently according to modern comic companies. So that’s why these team-ups are happening, as part of annuals for the reimagined Hanna-Barbera titles. But come on, DC, why don’t we have Booster Gold teaming with Mightor, an actual caveman superhero that was meant to be serious…by Saturday morning standards in the 1960 mind you. This title at least better have an appearance by Captain Caveman, who was shown to be a crimefighter in the BC days as well as bodyguard to teenage sleuths in the modern time. Can we actually get a superhero crossover guys?


Space Ghost and Green Lantern

In another time-travelling adventure, Green Lantern and Space Ghost are forced to battle various foes and each other! Green Lantern / Space Ghost Annual #1 is written by James Tynion IV and Chris Sebela, with art by Ariel Olivetti. Howard Chaykin provides a Ruff and Reddy backup story.

Finally! And of course they’re going to have hero versus hero because heaven forbid DC stop acting like the new Marvel. Whatever happened to “can’t we all just get along”? And of course we’re told nothing about this beyond time-travel being involved. Also, considering the last time DC made a Space Ghost comic, with dead wife and baby and cannibal Zorak…oddly not connected to each other, I’m a bit apprehensive. Yeah, we’ll get to that story eventually. But at least it’s finally a superhero team-up (eventually) story. Okay, what’s our last offering.


Suicide Squad and Banana Splits

Suicide Squad / Banana Splits Annual #1 finds the animated animal rock band on a mission to rescue the Suicide Squad! The story is courtesy writer Tony Bedard and artist Ben Caldwell, and Mark Russell and Dale Eaglesham provide a Snagglepuss backup feature.


Are you kidding me? Are they honestly giving us a gritty version of the Banana Splits? Look at the cover art. Compare that to this:

Can you make that connection at all? Oh I’m sure you actually CAN. After all, these are the people who literally set Scooby-Doo in the apocalypse. But just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD. And I didn’t know there WAS a Banana Splits comic, or is this a Suicide Squad annual? For that matter I don’t think there’s a current Space Ghost comic. Of course all this makes me worry about what they’re doing with those back-ups stories they’ve been mentioning: Ruff & Reddy, the Jetsons, Snagglepuss, and I hate to think what nightmare is going to befall Top Cat in this reality.

So it’s more of the same disappoint from DC Comics, destroyers of light, occasionally cheezy fun. I hate to think what part of my childhood they’re going after next. A murder mystery with the Clue Club? At least they can’t make the Hair Bear Bunch any more jerks than they were. More violent maybe. I’d come up with more ideas but I’m afraid DC would somehow find this article and actually use them. I missing being a DC fanboy because I miss the reasons I was a fan of DC.


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  1. Sean says:

    That’s a decent drawing you did of Space Ghost. The Johnny Quest/Adam Strange annual sounds interesting….especially to this Johnny Quest fan. I’d like to see DC create some comics on these Hanna Barbera properties: Galtar and the Golden Lance, Pirates of Dark Water, Valley of the Dinosaurs, Funky Phantom. Gold Key used to do an awesome job with converting various Hanna Barbera creations into comic books. Here’s hoping that DC can do the same with HB, but based on your final thoughts, this might not always be the case.


  2. Sean says:

    Also, thanks for making me aware of DC’s Future Quest comic books (I just googled more info about it). I didn’t know about this….it sounds like a cool concept. The trade is out now on those first issues, so it’s probably best for me to pick up the trade…ends up being a little cheaper than buying all those issues in comic book form anyhow. The concept of teaming together various Hanna Barbera heroes sounds like an awesome comic to read. I’ll keep my eye out for that trade.


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