Saturday Morning with Riders

Saturday Morning with Riders (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Those of us who grew up before the 2000s (or possibly late 1990s) have fond memories of getting up every Saturday morning not having to worry about school and enjoy a block of network TV just for us kids. Heck, shows that actually existed in weekday syndication (where we dealt with homework and mom’s stupid soap operas where adults were kissing a lot in their underwear or going on about boring stuff) still get called “Saturday morning cartoons” when they clearly weren’t. We need to fix that by the way. Nowadays however, the networks have abandoned ANY kid-friendly show unless it’s the holidays or a fluke.

This is a recurring topic here at the Spotlight since I loved SatAM shows. So here’s yet another article as to what happened to that programming block, as kids TV has now been shoved to a small group of stations, most of which require a higher tier cable or satellite package to even see. I think parent groups should get the blame as well, since they were the ones who insisted kids must have education pounded into their skulls 24/7 and only grown-ups get to watch something fun. Although there are days I wonder who needs educational TV more, the kids or their parents?

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  1. Sean says:

    Thanks for sharing this article about why Saturday morning cartoons have disappeared. It seems like a perfect storm of factors came together to destroy this institution. It was probably destined to happen. Nothing could have changed this course of history. Hey, at least we got to enjoy the era of Saturday morning cartoons as kids in the 80s. Every generation experiences something unique. Our generation’s unique experience was Saturday morning cartoons. Glad to have those memories.


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