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While I maybe should have waited for the Wonder Woman movie, this one is a bit smaller to really make the jump onto the bandwagon, so that’s out. However, it works for our current event of Wonder Woman being kicked out of the UN because she’s attractive and used to have an outfit that showed it off. (Apparently the people who protested her hasn’t seen what she wears these days. Not as much cleavage, but that won’t stop the new brand of body shaming, although we haven’t exactly ditched the old brand. Body shaming is wrong no matter who the target is.) After all, the Super Powers Collection mini comics are rather short even by mini comic standards.

I got a surprise on this one, though. Remember when Maxwell Lord turned evil and took mental control of Superman to make superheroes look bad, and how Diana put a stop to that? Well, we have that same scenario here, only replace Max with Brainiac…and it’s not the last time Superman gets mind-controlled in this mini comic series. I know we’ll see it again when we look into Doctor Fate’s comic. So how does the kid-friendly 80s version of the amazing Amazon free her friend? Actually, the current DC team wouldn’t have minded that, either.


“I swear to Zeus I found him this way!”

Super Powers Collection: Wonder Woman

DC Comics/Kenner (1983)

As usual no credits given that I can find.

Our story begins with Superman saving Metropolis from an asteroid. Apparently this was Brainiac’s big plan: drop a space rock on Metropolis. This is one of those days you should go with plan B, which is to attack the distracted Superman with his mind-controlling ray. Why was this not the first plan again? He sends Superman out to smash popular monuments. We see Mount Rushmore and what appears to be a roller coaster all smashed by Superman while the narrator says he also desecrates works of art. Maybe Brainiac is just an art critic who hates amusement parks?

Superman’s/Brainiac’s next stop is the Washington Monument. And since this is back when Wonder Woman still maintained the secret identity of Diana Prince, military secretary to her secret boyfriend (that puts a new spin on that military scandal), she sees him going in for the attack and changes into Wonder Woman! Using her magic lasso, Wonder Woman breaks Brainiac’s control on Superman, who is of course not immune to magic. Brainiac decides to attack instead of, you know, letting Superman take the blame for his actions with people not believing he’s innocent. Nope, just goes right in and attacks. Wonder Woman invades, snaps Brainiac’s neck, and gets Superman’s scorn for…no, Brainiac is a robot. That actually wouldn’t be a problem. Look how many times Red Tornado has been smashed up.

And then you will become a goofball who would never rape Elongated Man's wife.

And then you will become a goofball who would never rape Elongated Man’s wife.

Oh, she only does that to people. This is why I can’t be “edgy”. It’s inconsistent. No, Diana commands Brainiac with her magic lasso (because that power apparently affects machines as well) to undo all the evil he’s done throughout the universe. That must not have taken long since he’ll be back in a few comics to torment the Flash and other Super Powers heroes. Maybe he’s a fast worker?

So Superman’s name is cleared without any kind of inquiry even mentioned, and everything is back to normal. Hey’, it’s an 80s kids comic spinning off of the Super Friends cartoon meant to sell toys to kids, and it’s only eight pages long. You expect gritty realism? Go watch Zac Snyder’s cynically boring movies. This is where heroes are good guys and people aren’t so mistrusting unless the plot needs them to be, which will be temporary. I miss those days. Realistic? No, clearly not, but fiction can be a better world than the real world, even when Superman has to rebuild the head of a dead president on a huge mountain.

This isn’t a very long story, per usual, but as a short story I kind of liked it. The girl saves the boy, which is a good lesson for any little girls going through her brother’s stuff as well for her brother, and the conclusion is satisfying. The art is also good, and I wish I could properly credit the creators. It actually works, which isn’t always the case for these comics. So to whomever wrote and drew this particular mini, my hat is off to you sirs and/or madams.


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  1. Sean says:

    Do you still have these mini comics from your Super Powers action figures? If so, it’s awesome how you have been able to save 80s mini comics from various action figure lines.


    • My cousin had a couple of figures but I wasn’t so lucky. I found a downloadable archive years ago and that’s what I used to review this series. The only ones I actually own are some Masters Of The Universe, two of the three MASK minis, the two Marvel series packed in with Drakes Snack Cakes, and the US Transformers from Armada and Energon, and a few assorted ones I have yet to review. Anything else I’ve reviewed comes from finding it online.


      • Sean says:

        Ok, thanks for the explanation. Definitely be sure to hold onto those MOTU, MASK, Marvel, and Transformers ones. I certainly wish that I had held onto my MOTU mini-comics and my Go-Bots magazines (I had two issues) which contained comic strips of the Go Bots.


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