Remember yesterday in our Chapter By Chapter review of Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire when I was talking about R2 and 3PO flying the ship and it made me want to see more adventures with them? Well, it made me nostalgic for the show so I thought I’d boot up the intro. And then I found this:

I should probably save this for Transformers Thursday, where I review Transformers comics for “Yesterday’s” Comic, but this is too good to hold on to. Let me introduce you to The Cybertronic Spree. This is going to get weird. That’s right, we haven’t even started yet.

So who ARE The Cybertronic Spree? From their website:

Hotrod, Arcee, Rumble, Unicron, Spike, Soundwave, Bumblebee, and a Quintesson have been brought together by the power of rock. Together they are The Cybertronic Spree, an over-the-top hair metal band that performs music from The Transformers: The Movie and other classic tunes.

This is the part where I talk about the people in the costumes. But I really can’t. Just like Daft Punk talks about being turned into robots, if this interview with Vice is any indication, the members of the bad stick to their gimmick. Explaining why Spike is suddenly Transformer-sized, or otherwise why everyone, including the planet-sized Unicron, are human-sized is a “really just relax” thing. Hey, it works for Kaiju Big Battel. So for convenience sake I’m going to refer to them by their characters without burning out my quotation mark key. That should make this even more surreal.


Yeah, this is the one that I had to go to all my social media hangouts to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating this. Since nobody got back to me I’m worried about the people who follow me. And I’m still not convinced. I even posted to the ConnectiCon Facebook group to check these guys out. As of this writing I have a few likes but no comments. Imagine this group as the musical group for ConnectiCon 2017?

Hotrod, Arcee, and Spike are the singers of the band, Rumble is the drummer, the Quintesson (come on, guys, convention comics and Simon Furman gave the Quintessons names) is alternately the keyboardist and guitarist, and Unicron is wailing on the axe. (I would have gone with Springer but with a beard like that his only other option was Alpha Trion, and he’s probably more of a classical music guy.) Spike would be the only one you’d recognize out of costume, so he gets more exposure, even though Hotrod seem to be the male lead most of the time. Soundwave and Bumblebee are out in the crowd or on stage getting everyone’s dancing going. Of course, as BW readers know, the stage couldn’t hold Bumblebee’s awesomeness, so congrats on letting the others take focus.

Metal may be their thing but they can do the occasional techno too. Guess both comes natural to robots.

Back to those costumes, they’re really good for something they made themselves. And some make-up so Hotrod and Arcee can sing without restrictions. And only two of them don’t play any instruments (Hotrod, Spike, and Unicron play guitar and Rumble plays the drums while the Quintesson and Arcee trade between guitar and keyboard) so they have to factor that into their glove design. Give them credit, it’s somehow more believable than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Coming Out Of Their Shells tour.

You can find more videos on their YouTube channel and follow the site I listed above for what information their willing to give, as well as other social media links. And of course I have to end on an actual Transformers song, so naturally I’m picking my favorite from the movie soundtrack.

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  1. Warren B says:

    Man. Transformers wasn’t really my thing – I liked the concept, had a couple of the toys, and was aware of the cartoon, but never got to see much of it. But Droids: I loved Droids. It was my first contact with Star Wars. This cover of the theme song… whew. That’s some nostalgia alright.


    • You can find the episodes on YouTube and I have one of the few DVDs they released. I doubt we’ll get a full series release anytime soon, sadly, since it’s no longer considered canon. Only the CG Clone Wars and Rebels are, but it will always be canon to me. Of course I also accept The Freemaker Adventures and that’s a Lego parody series so judge as you will.


  2. Sean says:

    The Cybertronic Spree is a way better band than GWAR! Rockers dressed in costume really does work with the Cybertronic Spree. The Deceptifunk song was totally cool. Yes, you should definitely lobby hard to get this band to perform at ConnectiCon 2017. Now imagine other bands like if there were reggae performing Thundercats, rapping Masters of the Universe, and country music Silverhawks!


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