Is Slithe about to eat Monkian?

Thundercats #3

WildStorm (December, 2002)

WRITER: Ford Lytle Gilmore

PENCILER: Francisco Herrera

INKER: Carlos Logo Cuevas


LETTERER: John Layman


EDITOR: Jeff Mariotte

The Lunatacs takes over an Interplanetary Control Force ship and capture Mandora as part of their revenge on her and the Thundercats. They use the ship to attack Cats Lair while Panthro, Lion-O, and Bengali are testing out the new Thundertank and looking for Thundrillium to power the Lair and the beacon. The Thundercats manage to defeat the Lunatacs, aided by Mandora when she escapes her bonds. She promises to keep them locked away, but Mumm-Ra isn’t willing to give them rest and sends Ma-Mutt to capture Wilykat.

What they got right: I like seeing Mandora The Evil Chaser. Next to the Berbills and Warrior Maidens she’s one of my favorite allies for the Thundercats. (And sadly we won’t be seeing the others since this and the next series takes place on Thundera.) The Lunatacs I really don’t care about but it was still nice to see they weren’t forgotten since I’m sure they have fans among the Thundercat fanbase. I always thought of them as the opposite of the Snake Men I mentioned in today’s Masters Of The Universe review; a group meant to be a threat to both the good guys and the bad guys but ultimately not very interesting beyond their powers. They end up being a separate threat, like the pirates, just popping up more often.

What they got wrong: The 90s threw up all over this art. Exaggeration is too kind a term for what’s on display here. Facial expressions are overdone, the body work is overdone…it’s like Alluro is zapping us all with his orb thing and messing the visual up.

Recommendation: The story could have used more time, the art could have used a lot more’s okay but not really worth hunting down unless you really like the Lunatacs or Mandora.

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  1. Sean says:

    I have the day off today due to it being Three Kings Day. So that gives me the opportunity to catch up with cool articles here on bwspotlight. This particular comic issue was something I saw at my local comic shop in October. The cover caught my eye due to the array of Mutants on the cover and even Mum-Ra’s pet bull dog. I didn’t pick it up though. Now there’s no more Thundercats back issues at that store. But if I ever see this issue again, do you think I should purchase it. Why or why not?


    • If you have to ask that then I did a terrible job at the review, because that’s pretty much what a review is. You see what I thought of it and decide for yourself if it still sounds like something you want to read.


      • Sean says:

        Seeing as I did like the Mandora character, then I guess I would purchase this in the future if I come across it in a back issues section.


  2. Sean says:

    I like the cover with all of the Mutants on it. Even so, the cover is very misleading because the Mutants never make an appearance in issue #3. It turns out that they were present in issue #2. So then why wasn’t this the cover for issue #2 instead? I do want to get issue #2 because I’ve always liked the Thundercats stories where the Mutants were involved (strangely enough, my favorite Thundercats action figure was Slythe when I was a kid).

    The Lunatacs were the featured villains in this issue instead. I’m not really into the Lunatacs. They seem too “cartoony”, thus, I can’t take them seriously as villains. Again, I’m noticing that the artwork and the coloring were very different from what it was in issue #0, the issue where I was very impressed with the artwork and coloring. It was neat to see Mandora again, but I didn’t get too much into the story. Everybody looked “cartoony” in this issue. Star Comics always had excellent artwork when it came to all of their Thundercats comic issues. Why was Wildstorm dropping the ball when it came to the art? I really wasn’t that pleased with issue #3, but I only bought it for one dollar, so I can’t complain too much.

    One other thing….that ad for the Sims game. Seeing the woman in the bikini next to the phrase: “Surviving an alien assault. Easy. Getting this woman into a hot tub. Not so easy”…..I started laughing so hard when I saw that ad and read the other words on the advertisement. It’s amazing that there even was a video game like this in the early 21st century! Yes, times had surely changed from the days of Q-Bert!


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