Maybe my eyes are tired. Can anybody make out what’s going on in this cover?

Transformers: Generation One vol. 3 #8

Dreamwave (September, 2004)


WRITER: James McDonough & Adam Patyk

PENCILER: Don Figueroa

INKER: Elaine To

COLORIST: Espen Grndetjern


When last we saw our heroes they were fighting the Insecticon clones, but when our heroes find the place where the eggs are the Insecticons themselves get involved. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker are captured, but Bumper manages to escape and finds a cerebro-shell, which he uses to knock-out Bombshell, stopping the awake clones and humans under his control, while the Autobots take down Shrapnel and Kickback. Meanwhile, Spike is visited by Bumblebee, who has decided to quit the Autobots.

What they got right: If they had to include Shrapnel’s little echo from TV show they did a nice job emulating it in text form with the second word a slight lighter in shade. And Spike is back in the story along with (I’m assuming) Carly and Daniel. Considering IDW’s take I want to read the more likable version.

What they got wrong: Somebody really goofed up the word balloons, or playing with things for Shrapnel’s sake led to other problems. Some word balloons have no white in them, and clear text against dark costumes makes the lettering hard to read. There’s even one panel where the balloons go right to left instead of left to right, which is confusing when you aren’t reading unflipped manga. And I’m assuming this will be explained, but how is Shockwave giving orders to Bombshell when he’s supposed to be dead? Also, we never get to see Shrapnel put Bombshell in his place when he starts acting like he’s in charge, after Kickback and Sideswipe both point it out to him.

Recommendation: A good finish to this story arc and I’m still recommending this run of the series. It’s one of the best Transformers comic runs out there, which makes its untimely demise all the more saddening.


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