“Wait until he steps in that bear trap I hid.”

Mobile Police Patlabor part 2 #5

Viz Comics (1998), originally published by Shogakukan, Inc



COVER DESIGN: Viz Graphics

ASSISTANT EDITOR: William Flanagan

EDITOR: Julie Davis

Last we visited Section 2, a woman had stolen Noa’s Ingram and schooled Ota in Labor fighting. That woman turns out to be their newest member and Chief Sargent, Takeo Kumagami. Now Ota has to control his anger with her because she outranks him and he respects rank…mostly out of worry for his career. Things get worse for him when she’s assigned to take over the Command Car for Unit 2. After solving a Labor versus Labor fight…by beating up one of the Labors…Ota gets scolded by Takeo for his extreme measures. But Ota seems happy about the next training session.

What they got right: Here we have a confident officer who isn’t full of herself despite being in a group of goofballs. She may make them better Ingram pilots and officers…if she doesn’t kill Ota first, and I’m not sure that would be on purpose but nobody would blame her either way. 🙂 Yeah, I like seeing Ota knocked down a peg or two.

What they got wrong: What’s with Takeo’s eyes? It’s just one big black dot with little to no white area. It makes her look creepy.

Recommendation: I’m still really enjoying this series, and will miss it when it ends next week. (If there’s a part three I either didn’t get it or never heard of it.) Pick this series up.


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