“Oh man, it’s time for Match Game!”

Batman #0

DC Comics (October, 1994)

“Creature Of The Night”

WRITER: Doug Moench

PENCILER: Mike Manley

INKER: Josef Rubinstein

COLORIST: Adrienne Roy

LETTERER: Ron Bruzenak

ASSISTANT EDITOR: Jordan B. Gorefinkel

EDITOR: Dennis O’Neil

A mugger shoots his victims through the heart. But the focus is on Batman reminiscing about the events that led to the creation of the Dark Knight. However, is he planning to walk away from the role?

What they got right: If you’re reading this you know enough of Batman’s origin to not need a synopsis since it’s Batman’s origin as it was in the post-Zero Hour DC universe, which wasn’t all that different from pre-Zero from what I can tell. It’s the presentation of the key moments that made Bruce Wayne into Batman that shines here, as he comes to terms with the whole Jean-Paul Valley choice and the events that led up to that, as well as what Valley did to the “brand” of Batman.

What they got wrong: The #0s are supposed to set up changes in the timeline as a result of the mess the creative teams…I mean Hal made of the DCU. But nothing here seems any different. And there are points where Moench lays it on a bit heavy, like any time “the hated gun” is brought up. I know at this point Batman was anti-gun to the point James Brady looks like an NRA member in comparison but it’s a bit much here.

Recommendation: A bit melodramatic, but still a good catch-up to Batman at this time. If you like going into DC’s history compared to today’s DC Universe, it’s worth a look, even if this reality no longer exists.


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