Teenage Mutant Ninjaj Turtles #24

In the most recent edition of “Ask Chris”, Chris Sims is asked to evaluate the various origins in the multiverse for Splinter, the mentor/father of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Is he Hamato Yoshi’s pet? Hamato Yoshi mutated? Hamato Yoshi reincarnated? What’s your favorite origin?

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  1. Warren B says:

    Chris seems awfully enamoured of the idea of Hamato Yoshi being reincarnated as a rat, to the point of throwing around the term ‘high concepts’. I don’t find it much less goofy than the other two origins, and it comes with it’s own problems and baggage. (Partly in that, if a human mutated to a rat-man seems like some kind of punishment or kick in the bum, then what’s reincarnation as a rat – assuming we’re talking about basic buddhist concepts?)

    And strewth, you’d think a rat was a thing the artist had only heard of. The thing crawling towards the turtles’ tank looks more like a buck-toothed cat.


    • It varies from artist to artist. The ones that bug me are the ones who imitate the style of the current cartoon even though they have a separate title for the cartoon. Personally, I’m more into the mutated rat theory sans reincarnation. Might have something to do with my spiritual beliefs but it’s also curious why he’s a rat and they’re Turtles when they were humans in a past life and didn’t have any other past lives until the 2000s.


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