“Oh Mister Snyder….”

Superman Adventures #10

DC Comics (August, 1997)“Don’t Try This At Home!”

sadly, this does not involve the Mythbusters

WRITER: Scott McCloud

PENCILER: Rick Burchett

INKER: Terry Austin

COLORIST: Marie Severin

LETTERER: Lois Buhalis

EDITOR: Mike McAvennie

A petty crime wave has hit Metropolis, which Ron’s niece blames on the Superman action figures being sold by a street vendor. (Considering he gassed a cop through his eyes she may be right.) Clark’s X-Ray vision proves her right and he follows the flying figures to the Toyman. Toyman creates a big toy in Superman’s image and sends it to free criminals in order to ruin Superman’s good name. However, the only one who doesn’t realize it isn’t him is “Barry The Bomber”, a nut job who keeps trying to blow Superman up lately. He destroys the robot while Superman collects the thieving figures. And since Lois passed on the lead, Clark gets the exclusive. Better luck next time, Lois.

What they got right: Superman mentions the kid from the last issue when talking about someone who better handled his father being framed. It’s rare to see continuity in these comics. And while you’d think the addition of Barry would interfere with the story he’s actually a fun addition.

What they got wrong: Although he’d be better off in Arkham than a regular prison. He is nuts after all. And where did he get the bomb he used to destroy the fake Superman?

Recommendation: A fun little Superman adventure that’s worth getting.

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