“And…kis…” “Don’t finish that, Ock!” “For once we agree.”

The Adventures Of Spider-Man #12


Marvel (March, 1997)

“Unions” part 2

WRITER: Glenn Greenberg

PENCILER: Alex Saviuk

INKERS: Rob Stull & Al Milgrom

COLORIST: Kevin Tinsley

LETTERER: Steve Dutro

EDITOR: Mark Bernardo

When we last left this version of our hero, he was fighting Venom and Doctor Octopus when Ock’s ship crashed into a bridge. While Venom only wants to kill Spider-Man, he does save Ock when the ship falls into the water. Spider-Man escapes but Venom convinces Doctor Octopus (without revealing Peter’s identity) to kidnap Mary Jane, or at least attempt to, thus distracting Spidey and give Venom a further edge. Spider-Man manages to capture Doc Ock but Venom escapes and MJ blames Spider-Man for it all. Later she reconnects with Peter, who now can’t tell her who he is.

What they got right: The fight is really good, and Venom keeps Peter’s identity a secret to have an edge over him. I’ll assume Greenberg really wanted Venom back and since this separated from the Fox Kids show (which had its own, and better, way to return Venom and introduce Carnage) he saw his chance.

What they got wrong: Mary Jane now hates Spider-Man but is back into Peter? Who is she, Gwen Stacy? One of the reasons fans of the Spider-Marriage prefer MJ is that she accepts both of Peter’s lives (at least with a writer who understands her). Why not end this series with Mary Jane learning her boyfriend is also her rescuer? Instead your focus is bringing back Venom and making it HARDER for Peter to tell her the truth?

Recommendation: A good ending, although MJ learning (or like in the comics letting us know she already knew) Peter is Spider-Man would have made it a better ending. Plus is the last decently drawn Spider-Man for most of the 1990s due to sticking with the art style of the show. I recommend getting this series.

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