I see they’ve gotten a premonition of the miniseries to come.

Thundercats #4

WildStorm (January, 2005)

WRITER: Ford Lytle Gilmore

PENCILER: Ed McGuinness

INKER: Jason Martin

COLORISTS: Tony Avina & Carrie Strachan




EDITOR: Jeff Mariotte

Ma-Mutt kidnaps Wilykat. Knowing it’s a trap, Lion-O, Cheetara, and Panthro journey to Mumm-Ra’s pyramid to reclaim their fellow Thundercat. Lion-O battle’s Mumm-Ra while Cheetara rescues Wilykat and Panthro smashes his sarcophagus. They escape with their comrade, but it was a trick, as the energy released during the battle was what Mumm-Ra was really after. But what is his plan for the body of Grune The Destroyer?

What they got right: For much of the story I thought this was going to be weak. Mumm-Ra kidnapping Wilykat thinking Lion-O would just hand over the Sword Of Omens is something he might have done in the early days on Third Earth but by now he should know better. And then the surprise, that Mumm-Ra actually wanted Lion-O to put up a fight, was a nice swerve…provided the next issue does something good with it.

What they got wrong: Why is Wilykit not involved in saving her brother? She should be upset, yes, but she’s not just some little kid, especially at this point in the series. She’s proven herself in numerous battles and should have been there instead of just crying in Lion-O’s arms and never seen again. And Lion-O shouldn’t be this arrogant by now, especially after the talk of him doubting himself we got near the start of the issue.

Recommendation: Not too great by itself, but if it sets up a good finish I’ll give it credit. On its own it’s not really that interesting, though.


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  1. Sean says:

    How could Ma-Mutt, the bulldog, have kidnapped Wilykat? Grune the Destroyer was a wickedly evil character. I would definitely want to see him in comic book form for sure. In fact, there’s so many characters from the show that I wish had appeared either in the Star comics run I do have or in these Wildstorm ones that I don’t have. For instance, the Snowman of Hook Mountain is a character I liked and wish had appeared in some of the comics. But now that DC is printing He-Man/Thundercats, perhaps, the company will also publish some future comic runs of Thundercats that could bring about a reunion of some of the show’s interesting characters. In conclusion, based on what I see here, this issue’s cover art looks amazing.


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