“I just taught ME a lesson I won’t soon forget!”

Mobile Police Patlabor part 2 #6


Viz Comics (1998), originally published by Shogakukan, Inc



COVER DESIGN: Viz Graphics

ASSISTANT EDITOR: William Flanagan

EDITOR: Julie Davis

Ota thinks that he can show up Takeo during Judo training…and spends a lot of time on the mat looking at the sky. When Noa calls her out on how rough she is with the rookies, she asks Noa for her Ingram password to show what the Ingram can really do. This puts Noa in a funk but Shinohara realizes Takeo is trying to make them better pilots and arranges an Ingram training session with Takeo as Noa’s support. Under her guidance, Noa manages to get her Ingram to judo-flip Ota. At this point Ota begs Takeo to train him and (with some prompting from Shinohara) Noa realizes what Takeo is actually trying to do. That doesn’t make the training sessions any less painful though.

What they got right: So Takeo isn’t just into punishing our heroes. (Or at least not just into punishing our heroes.) She is trying to make them better Patrol Labor pilots. That’s good, as is seeing Ota humbled and Noa a bit more confident for a change.

What they got wrong: I don’t know how much longer the series originally went for in Japan but I wanted to see Noa and Ota read to handle the Brockens on their next encounter and stopping the jerk behind their attacks. Sadly, at least for the English adaptation, the series ends here.

Recommendation: These two parts are still fun to read and worth getting. I just wish we got more.

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