The only exception is Christmas trees. And they fought hard just to get that.

The only exception is Christmas trees. And they fought hard just to get that.

We’ll be meeting Hanazuki and her friends later this week. It’s something I came across from Hasbro Studios’ YouTube channel as I try to get caught up with all the videos I’ve missed, and after all of last year I’m just barely caught up. I do have other projects after all.

Recording is done on my past-Christmas special. I just need to edit now. I didn’t even get to do a Clutter Report this week, and I really need to keep that project going.

We have four series ending and a new one starting in this week’s comic reviews. The first Thundercats miniseries from WildStorm, He-Man’s fight with King Hiss, the last Dreamwave Transformers story, and MASK will all be going away this week. There’s more Masters Of The Universe coming though, as a fourth miniseries was produced, and sadly WildStorm told more Thundercat stories and…we’ll get to that. MASK is all done, though, but more Transformers stories will be coming from other publishers. There’s a lot of IDW stuff I’ve never reviewed since the Spotlight began so we aren’t close to being done with Cybertron just quite yet.

I’m also going to attempt to get one of those movie reviews I mentioned last week done. We didn’t have to change cable companies so I tried to focus on the video instead, as well as regular article content. And one of them I’m looking forward to while the other is more a case of “I kind of have to for this site” territory. You’ll be able to tell which soon enough.


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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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